Canadian blogging conspiracy revealed

Go read Pride and Twitterverse at Under the Mad Hat. Right now. It srsly cracks my shit up:

@biz Why must avatar pictures be so small? #twitterfail

@LizzyB Darcy keeps looking at your profile. What’s up with that?

@CharlotteL I dunno but it’s freaking my shit out. Srsly.

You may have seen someone else’s Austenbook, which was Pride and Prejudice on Facebook, as shared by casa az and raincoaster. It was very funny. But Pride and Twitterverse rocks my world.

You know something else that’s funny and Austenish? The book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which sits unread (or undead?) on my kitchen counter. When I read about it at Celebrating the Absurd, I had to order it.

You know something else that’s funny and Twitterish? The Skwib’s Twitterpocalypse.

And you know what else made me laugh at the Skwib this week?
Ten spurious facts about Queen Victoria:

#3 Victoria was the youngest and first Queen of England who had the ability to fire laser beams from her eyes.

And you know what else made me laugh in reference to Queen Victoria this week? Bon at with her educational post on May Two-Four: if we don’t get a holiday.

You know what’s freakin’ me out? All of the bloggers I’ve listed above are Canadian, and their combined brilliance and humor is keeping me from getting work done. I think there must be a conspiracy. Perhaps to get me to start spelling humour with that extra u.

They are also all on Twitter. I fear I may be doomed to go over to the dark side after all. Bite me.

24 thoughts on “Canadian blogging conspiracy revealed

  1. Bite me?

    What the hell kind of a sign off is that? What ever happened to “best regards” or “Goodbye for now” or even “see you?”

    Anyway, thanks for the laugh. You young people make me laugh. “Cracks my shit up”….what the hell is that?


  2. “I think there must be a conspiracy.”

    Dang – busted!

    As for the “dark side”, you know it’s only a question of time and that resistance is futile. Plus, do you really want to be one of those people who constantly ridules something that they haven’t actually tried, soley based on hearsay from others who haven’t tried it either?

    At least my aversion to Facebook is based on somewhat lengthy personal experience…

  3. Heh, funny. I just have to differ with you on one point though. While the Canadians are unquestionably funny, here in Australia and in ENGLAND, where they do a reasonably good job of speaking ENGLISH, the “extra” u’s are standard. It is you Americans with your crazy u dropping, left, right and centre who have dropped the u in humour, it is not extra!

  4. painted-
    Well, I have to hold out for the time being, anyway. My schedule is too tight right now.

    I don’t know why I hadn’t recognized the conspiracy before. There are even more Canadians on my blogroll, keeping me from my work with their Canadian wiles.

    Donald Mills-
    Thank you for bring your crabby old self by for a visit. Best regards,

    We will resist! (For at least a few more weeks.)

    “Plus, do you really want to be one of those people who constantly ridules something that they haven’t actually tried, soley based on hearsay from others who haven’t tried it either?”
    But it’s so much fun!
    And you know, I’ve grown to like FB. I just ignore most of the applications, but I’ve really liked making contact with people from many different spheres. I also prefer comment threading, which is easier to follow if you can only check in periodically. (My impression of Twitter it’s more real-time discussion. Am I right?)

    I shall have to start stockpiling them.

    No! No! (Or at least not yet!)

    I maintain that the second u in humour is extra! More than one u in a word is both superfluous and unusual! Next thing you’ll try to tell me that some words call for three of them! I’m left with a deep unquietude.

    Yes, we do. Left, right and center.

  5. The twitter I use is all about chatting: like having one huge discussion with your friends at the world’s biggest bar.

    I’m not helping, am I?

  6. Erm. I twitter. But I swear it’s just to follow Stephen Fry. Who’s British, which is as good as Canadian. So … you’re right. Actually– no. I use it to follow people who do post links– because I hate my reader. The Google Reader– it gets large.

    P & P & Zombies is on the list.

    Also– proof the Canadians are teh funny and teh talented? Just watched JPod, Douglas Coupland’s CBC series based on his book. Short, poignant, funny, well-acted. Cancelled. Boo. But it’s on The WB’s website. And Alan Thicke is hilarious.

  7. az-
    Thanks for that link. I’m still inclined to think it’s more real-time, though, in the sense that it’s hard to piece back together threads from (for example) several days back.

    mme. Meow-
    We’re all about the meta here.

    I’m not sure if that helps. While I would love to have a beer, bars tend to be so noisy. And is it a smoke-free establishment?

    You’re on twitter, too? If it’s for Stephen Fry, though, I can understand. I love him.
    I also know what you mean about the reader. Mine has gotten overwhelming.
    Thanks for the info on the CBC series. It sounds great.

    That’s one of my underlying fears about twitter. What all would I find to say? Who really needs 12 updates a day from me saying that I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop, or that I’m holding a baby?

    Okay, let’s try to read P&P&Z in June. As long as we can do it slowly. We could try an online book group.

  8. “Who really needs 12 updates a day from me saying that I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop, or that I’m holding a baby?”

    Nobody. You haven’t read the tutorial yet, right?

    To thread your Twitter conversations you can use this…

  9. Aren’t they a wonderful bunch! Makes me proud to be a Canuck, myself. Please feel free to stick an extra u in wherever the spirit moves you.

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