21 thoughts on “scenes from an egghunt

  1. Super eggs and beautiful children. Where did you get them, the children, that is? Phoebe and Theo and the eggs all look delightful and happy. Must have been warm. Here in CA it was cold and rainy.
    Love from CA.

    1. Yeah, I can see the benefit to the scroll, Painted. The slideshow does let you pause it, and click through by hand, but the it does then take the effort to click.

  2. by the way… what’s your secret? our eggs turned out really crappy… we tried the crayon thing which I remember working beautifully as a kid, used crayola and everything, and the wax didn’t take. maybe I didn’t dry the eggs well enough?

    1. Hmmm…no secret that I can think of. We just used Crayola crayons, some of which were the sparkly kind, but I doubt that had much impact. The eggs were dry when we drew on them, so maybe that was it. I liked the effect of drawing on first, and then dipping, and then even played with layering, batik style. Is there any chance you were using washable crayons? I would imagine those wouldn’t work well.

  3. Wow! Those are stunning eggs, adorable children, and great photos.
    The slide show feature is pretty neat, but it’d be nice if there were a way to pause it…
    Oh, there is. You have to put your cursor over the picture and then some buttons appear! Magic!

    No egg hunts here–as mentioned above, California (or at least, the Bay Area) had an unseasonably cold, rainy day. My total non-acknowledgement of Easter this year made me appreciate the images of your holiday all the more!

    1. Thanks, Sally! I’m glad you enjoyed them, especially given the cold raininess of your own day.

      I’m glad you like the slideshow. I may alternate between slideshows and inserting photos into the post individually.

  4. Very impressive eggs you have there. Also, the children who came from your eggs are impressive as well. ;-)

    I’m such a lame-o I never got around to doing the whole egg thing. (aside from scrambling some for breakfast) Baskets for the kids and a day filled with eating too much chocolate, ending with cranky ‘coming down from a chocolate high’ toddlers. (i think i hear one whimpering in her room right this very moment…oh, she’s asleep, must be the last bit of chocolate fumes oozing from her pores…chocolate fumes have a distinct whimpery sound to them, you know)

    The slideshow…I like it. I never share as many photos as I’d like when posting them individually down the page. I might give this a go myself. Thanks for the heads-up.

    1. “Very impressive eggs you have there. Also, the children who came from your eggs are impressive as well. ;-)”
      You’re so funny, otc. You crack me and my eggs up.

      I tried to be moderate with the chocolate in the baskets. I fear the post-sugar-high crankiness. With the toddlers, as well.

      Good point about the quantity issue with slideshow vs. individual photos. I often have a great big pile of photos I want to share, and the posts get unwieldy. This might help tame them down.

  5. Wow. Beautifully designed eggs. How did you do that? And as usual, gorgeous pictures. Well, you kind of cheated because your models are gorgeous and natural to begin with. ;-)

    1. Thanks, subWOW! For the eggs, we just used crayons and food coloring. I played around with gradient dyeing, too, holding the eggs in colors for varying amounts of time.

      As for the kids, I sometimes marvel at how photogenic they are.

  6. Your eggs are excellent! And I love the photos and the slideshow. I was wondering how that would look in a post. I like it. I love Phoebe’s face when she’s caught that bubble, and Theo’s when he’s showing off his basket of eggs. Too cute!

    1. Thanks, girlgriot! Yeah, I think I might like the slideshow, too. It was pretty easy to do, too, and I was glad to figure out that I could easily change the captions even after posting.

  7. Beautiful kids. I love the bubble picture so much. And the slide show is too cool. Someday, when I grow up, I’ll convert to wordpress too. :-)

    1. I’m quite fond of that bubble shot, too, Kimberly. Sometimes taking a gazillion photos really pays off by catching one of those fleeting moments.

      I do mostly quite like WordPress. They certainly have lots of user-friendly features. I haven’t used blogger, really, though, so I can’t compare.

    1. “Your daughter has the most striking eyes!”
      Doesn’t she? I sometimes think they look like cartoon eyes–they’re just so big, round and bright colored.

      As for the slideshow, it’s javascript, so it should be viewable on iP(a|o)ds. Or so they claim. I haven’t verified. (Though now John has both of those iGadgets, so I suppose I could ask him.)

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