The July Just Posts

Welcome to the latest Just Posts, a monthly roundtable of posts on topics of social justice and activism from around the blogosphere. Holly (of Cold Spaghetti) and I are pleased to present an excellent round-up of posts that explore a range of topics that affect our world and our worldview: race and gender, health and wellness, lifestyle and socioeconomic disparities, to name a few.

Each month that I’ve been hosting the Just Posts, I’ve been highlighting a song that speaks to some of the issues that get discussed in the posts of the roundtable. This time I’ll put it at the end so we can get right to the all-important lists.

The July Just Posts:

The posts of this month’s roundtable were nominated by:

And now for something completely different. Or for the song. This month, I’ve been drawn to a somewhat odd choice: Chumbawamba’s “Pass it Along.”

(Forgive the bizarre video. It’s a zombie montage. It’s what’s available.)

It’s got nice harmonies and a good beat, and it’s catchy. This catchiness landed the song a role in a car commercial for GM in 2002. Amusingly, after the band accepted the $100,000 from GM, they handed the money over to “the anti-corporate activist groups Indymedia and CorpWatch who used the money to launch an information and environmental campaign against GM.” (From the Chumbawamba wiki page. You can read the full scoop on Salon.)

This song popped up on my iPod, while I was driving around a few days ago, and simple as it is, it’s one of those songs that has made me think.

Pass it along by word of mouse
Save the world, don’t leave the house

With my insatiable appetite for puns, the “word of mouse” phrase really caught my attention. The Just Posts are all about transmitting ideas by “word of mouse.” And, well, we want to save the world.

It’s easy to wonder how much we can do to save the world without leaving the house. I still haven’t forgotten the call to action from jen and Mad, illustrious co-founders of the Just Posts, to get up off our sofas and volunteer. To put our hands to work in ways that impact the world more directly than typing on our laptops.

But I’m sorry to say that I still haven’t acted, even on my idea to volunteer with Phoebe and Theo. I don’t want to make excuses, but lately there hasn’t been enough of me to go around without committing hours and energy to volunteer work. I’ll get there one of these days.

Enough about me. Back to the song.

Because a virtual office in a virtual home
Means you never have to drive through the wrong part of town

Hey! Are you guys dissing telecommuting? Because at least working from home can save gas.

I know, I know. It’s not just about telecommuting. The lyrics speak to the tendency of the better-off to hole up in safety, and avoid looking at, and interacting with, the problems that threaten our world. It’s a protest against closed gates, closed minds, and corporate greed. (It’s no coincidence that a line from the refrain of the song, “Where do you want to go today,” was also a slogan used by Microsoft.)

So here’s your final resting place
Your heaven is protected by security gates
Shut out the world, it’s getting worse
Save yourself, don’t leave the house
Because a happy future is a thing of the past

I take your point, Chumbwamba. But hopefully we can still work towards that happy future.


Thank you for visiting this month’s Just Posts. Please drop by Holly’s to see what she has to say this month.

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10 thoughts on “The July Just Posts

  1. That is one dark song; but the thought that we wall ourselves away from pain is, I think, a true one. Thanks to you and Cold Spaghettie for doing All This Work. You guys rock.

  2. All that time ago I said I wanted to volunteer at the Children’s Hospital and I finally am! Of course, it took becoming part of my career aspirations to make it happen, but it happened. I’m really, really enjoying it, too.

  3. Sadly, Pat Buchanan is one of the “better” Christian conservatives. There are others in his party with less emotional and cerebral intelligence.

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