I was quite shocked to see that today’s PhotoHunt theme was “nipples.” This is really quite a departure for this typically wholesome venture. I can work with it, though. I don’t like to think of myself as prudish.

What’s that you say?

Oh, ripples. With an R. That’s quite different.

Never mind.

So I guess I’ll share this photo instead, which is one of my favorite reflection shots. I took it in Providence back in 2005.


For more people flashing us their…um…ripples, go check out today’s PhotoHunt post at tnchick.

13 thoughts on “ripples

  1. Tracey-
    (Blush.) Thanks!

    Good thing, too!

    I’m glad you like it.

    Thanks, and thanks for your visit!

    Now I find myself wondering if I actually have any shots that would fit the nipple bill…

    I don’t think we have any potato chips at all. They tend not to survive long in our home.

    Thanks, and thanks for coming by! And yeah, that would be quite a dizzying jigsaw puzzle.

    Is it Providence that’s known as the City of Nipples?

    I either missed or forgot that you used to live in Providence. When was that? I lived there from ’89 to ’95. (It’s where I was an undergrad.) The city, especially the downtown area, has really changed a lot since then.

    I’m glad you like them! I don’t show them off every day, you know.

    I was wondering if anyone would get that! I actually wrote the whole thing without thinking of her, but as soon as I wrote the “never mind,” I realized I was channeling Gilda.

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