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Welcome to the December 2009 edition of the Just Posts. Holly (of Cold Spaghetti) and I are pleased to be hosting our 12 roundtable.

It’s hard to know what to say in response to some world events. The world is reeling from news of the devastating earthquake in Haiti yesterday. Living far away as we are, it is hard to know how to help.

Many organizations around the world are gearing up to join relief efforts, and many people are ready and willing to go to Haiti. (I was very moved reading the comments on this post from Mercy Corps, as dozens of people offered up their qualifications to serve as relief workers in Haiti, and offered to fly there immediately to help.)

For most of us, though, the best way to help is to donate to organizations that are active in relief efforts.

I made a donation this morning to UNICEF, and will probably make one to IRC as well. Both are international relief organizations of which I am a regular supporter, and both are actively sending relief to Haiti.

Holly has suggested donations to Hôpital Albert Schweitzer as a smaller, Haiti-based organization where funds will have more of an immediate impact.

You can also find a fairly extensive list assembled on the NPR blog of ways to help.

And now, for this month’s list. As ever, I am inspired and heartened by the range of voices speaking out on topics of social justice.

The December 2009 Just Posts:

Thank you for your support in our efforts this past year. Your comments and contributions are what keep us going!

7 thoughts on “The December Just Posts

  1. I’m totally and completely honored to be included in such company here. Thank you!! (And thank you for the suggestions on how to help in Haiti.)

  2. I have no idea how I got here (which is funny, because that’s kind of h0w I run my life, too), but like Erika, I am completely honored to be a part of this. Thanks so much.

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