Voting ends tonight!

[pssst…3/23 um…”update”…the polls are still up for a bit even though it’s technically past midnight in known timezones. But when was I ever one to be strict about a deadline? As long as you can see the polls, you are welcome to vote. They’ll probably be coming down later this evening…]

Don’t forget to vote for the Best of the 2009 Just Posts. Voting ends tonight: Monday, March 22nd. (We will be flexible about which time zone you choose to vote in–we want your votes, even if you want to pretend you’re in Hawaii!¹)

Please vote in as many categories as you can, but even if you only have time to read posts in one category, we still value your input.

If you have managed to vote in more than one category, please take a moment to consider which of all the posts you read stood out for you as the best of the best.

Thank you!²

¹ Aloha!
² And mahalo to those of you voting in the Hawaiian time zone.

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