The Best of the Best of the 2009 Just Posts

Strike up the band! Break out the champagne! Holly and I are ready to announce the results of the “Best of the Best of the 2009 Just Posts” voting. Can you believe we’ve finally gotten here? The imperfect process has taken us almost 3 months, and it’s been a remarkable experience. We’ve learned lots, and read and re-read lots, and been gratified by your comments and support. And we got lots of help, for which we are hugely grateful. Thank you, again, to all of you who read, reviewed, promoted, voted, and were otherwise there for this project. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. (For now. [cue ominous laughter])

And now [cue drumroll] the voting results, by category:

SOCIAL JUSTICE as political/legal :

SOCIAL JUSTICE as health/wellness:

SOCIAL JUSTICE as socio-economic inequalities :

SOCIAL JUSTICE as advocacy/service :


We have a prize for each of the post authors above in the form of a hand-made piece of New Orleans art (from Holly) and a bit of fair trade Theo chocolate (from Alejna). To collect your prizes, please send your snail mail addressess to Holly at (coldspaghetti at gmail dot com) or Alejna (alejna99 at gmail dot com).

And, for the post that received the largest number of votes in any category:
When is zero not really zero? When it describes your food. by Kimberly at The Gav Menagerie

Congratulations, Kimberly! We’ve got an extra special prize for you (and we promise it won’t have trans fats!)

Editors’ Picks:
And just because we’ve gone absolutely mad with power, we also wanted to recognize a couple more posts that, in addition to all those voices that have been recognized above, have really spoken to us. So we’ve got loot for two more, too! (Mind you, I wish we could send prizes to every single participant in the project: finalists, semi-finalists, and everyone who read, commented, posted and contributed in various ways. But that much fair trade chocolate and postage would definitely break the bank…)

I had a hard time choosing just one, as so many of the posts from the year really moved me. There are, for example, quite a few posts by authors in this lists above that have moved and inspired me. For example, Stacie, Emily, Erika and Jen have all written powerfully on so many different topics, and they each have written posts that, for me, really capture the spirit of the Just Posts: posts that bring in personal experiences to the larger social issue, posts that move me emotionally as well as make me want to act. But they each already have posts on the list above. I also really appreciate it when writers bring in humor to address serious subjects, and I confess that I am quite fond of submom’s All Things on Cable TV Considered, I wish my Hotel had Porn…. (Come on, is that a great post title, or what?)

In the end, though, I decided that I want to highlight a post that has really kept me thinking, for months after I read it: When Allies Fail, Part One by Tami at What Tami Said, as well as its companion post,Part Two.

I love that these posts gives practical advice on furthering activist movements, and in particular “maintaining alliances in the face of failure.” They speak to my periodic frustrations with some members of activist communities, where the discourse between those working towards the same ends is often more bitter and caustic than that directed against those who more actively demean marginalized groups, or who actively oppose the agenda of the activist movement. But I suppose the reason that these posts stuck with me most is that they speak to me as an activist, and to my ongoing internal struggles with my imperfect self. They lay out what it means to be a member of marginalized group vs. what it means to be an ally who comes from a more privileged group. They have helped me to process thoughts and actions in my own past that have shamed me, as I have bumbled along as a well-intentioned yet often insecure and under-informed individual.

Please also see which post Holly has chosen for her editor’s pick.

If you have a post in the lists above, we invite you to display a button:

On the left is a png (transparent background) and on the right is a jpg (white background).

For more information on the Just Posts, please visit the Just Posts information page.

14 thoughts on “The Best of the Best of the 2009 Just Posts

  1. Congrats and pats on the back to the winners and you and Holly for undertaking this whole affair. I enjoyed all of the posts and even see quite a few of my picks in the winner list. (i have to say i still loooooooove erika’s my, what a gayngled web we weave.)

  2. I just want to echo everyone else’s congratulations to the nominees and the winners, and to you two for finishing this huge and impressive project!

  3. Congratulations to all the winners, well deserved for sure! And Alejna, thank you so much for the special shoutout. I am moved simply because you love the title as much as I do let alone this special love you have shown me. :-) Thank you. And finally, I 100% agree with you: Love and am grateful for Tami’s posts and practical advice. Kudos to you and Holly for all the hard work. Now you get to relax. Still 8 months to go till 2011! LOL

  4. thanks SO MUCH! i am so honored. i love writing guilty pleasure mondays; and i’m so glad that other people enjoyed them, too! and the very best part — i discovered other places to go and read some really wonderful stuff!! thanks so much to you and holly for all the time and effort :-)

  5. I’m so honored and flattered to be in this group, and so thrilled that you picked Tami’s posts for your special judge’s award. Congratulations to everyone here and everyone who’s been on a Just Posts list. The posts I’ve read in the two years that I’ve known about the JPs have been some of the best things I’ve read — the most heartfelt, the most thought-provoking, the most important. Thank you everyone.

  6. I’m so honored to be in this group of amazing writers – all of whom wrote incredible posts and deserve big accolades. Also thanks to Holly and Alejna for putting this together and highlighting all this great writing on the web. Great job to all!

  7. You guys worked so hard to put this together–thank you so much! I loved reading everyone’s posts. It’s helped make the world smaller and better.

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