go fly a kite

Yesterday we decided to go fly a kite. (Well, we decided on Saturday, really. You can’t be too spontaneous about this sort of thing, especially if you don’t yet have a kite in your possession.)

Predictions were for a fairly breezy day, just right for kite-flying. We got ourselves out of the house early-ish, and headed over to the open space by the dam (where we sometimes go for walks).

It turned out that the location and conditions were pretty great for kite-flying. This was the first time that either John or I had successfully flown a kite. (Well, I only remember one attempt from my childhood, but I don’t think my sister or I had much idea what we were doing.) In spite of our lack of experience, we managed quite well, and we all enjoyed the time outside in the fresh spring air.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(To stop the slideshow, or control the speed you flip though, place your cursor over the the slides and some controls will appear.)

I meant to post these photos last night, but couldn’t stay awake due to another mysterious fever. Have I mentioned that I also have poison ivy due to some poorly thought-out yard work last weekend? Somebody shoot me now.

6 thoughts on “go fly a kite

  1. Phoebe’s outfit is beyond fabulous and well into faboo. I was admiring it long before the caption told me to!

    You know about Tecnu, right?

    And I wonder whether these frequent fevers have anything to do with sleep deprivation…

  2. I have to say it again: I love Phoebe’s outfit. Just looking at it makes me happy. Yellow! Stripes! Dots! Lots of colors! And is she wearing two headbands?!

  3. I am really loving the slide show feature. Phoebe’s outfit is oh so fabulous! I LOL @ Theo’s being disturbed by the flying kite. Awwww. And this post makes me want to take today off.

    esp. since now I am humming “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from Mary Poppins…

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