today’s assortment of ridiculously photogenic fall leaves

This has been a spectacularly spectacular fall here in Massachusetts. Every day, more stunning trees and gorgeous fallen leaves compete for my attention. Here are a few leaves I saw today that practically begged me to take their photo.

I loved the way these various leaves had arranged themselves on the driveway for a photoshoot.

This perky little guy stretched out in the shrubbery, the better to show off its striking flame colors against the dark green.

Just look at these two sweethearts, nestled together, and showing off their jagged lines and patchwork outfits. (And I can’t be the only one to see the heart shape in the top leaf.)

This elegant pair is showing off the classic New England maple style: deep red with subtle color variation.

And this one? So obviously just showing off. Can one leaf really get away with wearing so many different colors?

2 thoughts on “today’s assortment of ridiculously photogenic fall leaves

  1. WOW! These are amazing. I especially love the purplish leaf in the first photo, but ALL of them are gorgeous and I love their happy outfits.

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