bear with me

A festive bear, as colored by Phoebe. (Age 4 and 1/4.)

A lovely picture Phoebe made for me this morning. Please note the 2 squirrels in the picture. One of them is climbing the tree, the other one doesn’t know there’s a tree. (So I’m told.)

Tonight I’m getting ready to go out to California for a week-long visit with my family. I’ve been hoping to get out there soon, and I was able to make it happen. (Have I mentioned lately how wonderful John is? He will be solo parenting while I am gone. The week will go fast for me, I’m sure it won’t go so fast for him.)

I’m really happy that I’ll be getting to spend some time with my mother, sister, brother-in-law, and 2 adorable nephews. I’m also happy that I was able to work the timing out so that I can attend my mother’s art show this weekend. (I’ve been meaning to post about that–maybe I’ll have a chance to in the next couple of days. In case I don’t, she’s participating in East Bay Open Studios.)

I’ll be taking the train in to work tomorrow morning for a meeting, then going to the airport for an evening flight. What I should be doing now is packing, and not sitting here at my laptop yammering. Then there’s that whole sleep business. I should probably be doing some of that, too.

6 thoughts on “bear with me

  1. Happy belated birthday! Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy your family and have a great time at the art show! (Do you say “Break a leg” like for a theatre performance or are you allowed to say Good luck with the show?) And sleep is overrated anyway! :-)

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