doodle beads

Phoebe’s butterfly.

Phoebe’s fire in a fireplace.

Phoebe with her hippo.

Phoebe with her birthday cake.

Phoebe dismantling my cake.

I don’t think I ever properly thanked Holly for the fun Mardi Gras beads she sent us. They are ever-so-shiny, and good for all kinds of fun games.

8 thoughts on “doodle beads

  1. I want to ride that bike!

    Your kiddos are getting so big! (I just said the same thing at Holly’s blog.)

    I had gotten a ton of beads from Painted Maypole a few years back… we had fun with those for weeks, too. Now I wonder where they are.

  2. Is the 4th one an amoeba?

    These are great. I’m really impressed at how many recognizable shapes you can make with the beads. (maybe you should submit another giraffe?)

    Looks like fun, too. : )

  3. mardi gras beads are awesome. MQ used to love to stand on the bed, pretending she was on a Mardi Gras float, and I would have to holler “throw me something lady!” and she’d toss me the beads. She also loved to lay on the floor and I would cover her up in them.

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