sleeping around

I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. I realized that I have been in and out of an alarming number of beds the past 10 days.

Two Thursdays ago I headed down to New York City for BlogHer. I stayed in a hotel with one friend the first night, and with another in another hotel the second. Then I headed home for one night before we went as a family to New Hampshire for a couple of nights. We got home so late on Tuesday night that I ended up sleeping in Phoebe’s bed with her. The next night was back to my own bed, and the following night we hit the road again to visit my in-laws, where we stayed for 3 nights. That makes 6 beds in 10 nights.

Our daycare was closed for vacation last week, which somewhat prompted the trip to New Hampshire. We had lots of fun visiting Storyland on Monday and Tuesday, a theme park that is geared towards younger kids. We even met up with some friends there. Wednesday I managed to get Phoebe off to preschool, and Theo and I mostly hung out and napped for the day until it was suddenly time to pick up Phoebe. On Thursday, Phoebe went into work with John, and Theo and I spent another day together doing largely nothing, while I tried to do laundry, get ready for the next trip, and squeeze in some emails. (Who are these stay-at-home parents who actually manage fun projects with the kids? I think they are myth to make me strive to behave better. Like Santa. But they don’t bring me chocolate.) And then we headed down to the in-laws, where John’s two sisters were also visiting for a celebration of John’s dad’s 84th birthday. The trips and visits were all lovely, but our schedules have been completely whackadoo. And I’m really zonked now.

So if you’ve wondered about the stretch of silence around here, it’s because I’ve been all over the place and haven’t had much time to myself. My “spare” moments have been eaten up largely by work stuff. I’m happy to say that I have managed to keep up with Project 365, though, so if you want to see some of what I’ve been up to, you can see some of it in my Flickr photo stream.

I’ve got more stuff to say (when do I not?), but will have to get to it later. (Yeah, “later.” We know what that means…) For now, I am hoping to get to my bed before I fall asleep here on the couch.

By the way, please check out the July Just Posts, which Holly and I finally got up today. I ended up throwing up my post in a hurry before packing up my laptop at my in-laws. I learned later that all the links were broken. (Throwing up a post, indeed…) The links are fixed now.

8 thoughts on “sleeping around

  1. Welcome back!

    I’m enjoying your photo stream. For some reason, it makes me reflect on things… :)

    But, speaking of sleeping… I should really get around to that.

  2. A few days off does not a stay-at-home make. All that is is a few hours in which you try to catch up on too much and get a little rest. The rest is more important.

  3. Welcome back (to your own bed nonetheless!) Just reading your post is enough to make me exhausted. Wrt. the myth of SAHMs, I like to differentiate between moms with small kids and moms with school-age kids. There is a huge difference there. When you have small kids at home the whole darn day, staying at home is like working on a ship on the lower deck shoveling coals all darn day. Rest all you can to make up for the lost sleep! And hope the kids get back on their schedules soon!

    p.s. What Leslie said was funny. Guilty as charged… sigh

  4. I feel much the same way about sleeping back in my own bed this week, but it’s because I spent six nights in a sagging bunk bed with no A/C!

  5. Doesn’t it feel awesome to be home after that? I’ll never be one of those people who travels as a hobby, because I like my own bed too darn much.

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