always late to the party

Theo turned two a couple of weeks ago. Not only did I not manage to post anything here about it on the day itself, but we didn’t manage to have a celebration. Our reasons were many and varied:

    a) It was a weekday
    b) We didn’t want to have the kids sugared up and and excited over new toys right before bedtime
    c) Theo is still too young to understand what a birthday is.
    d) We didn’t have our act together.

We would have done something with the family (as in “just the four of us,” seeing as we have no nearby family members) the following weekend, but that weekend had back-to-back parties: Phoebe’s karate school summer party on the Friday, a baby shower for some friends on the Saturday, and Phoebe’s preschool beach party on the Sunday. Not only were we totally zonked, but reasons b through d were applied once more.

So it came to be that it wasn’t until this past Saturday that we managed to get our act together. Not only did Theo get to open his presents, but Phoebe and I baked and decorated a very festive cake.

Phoebe comes in for a smooch.

Theo is intrigued by the colorful circle.

Theo is uneasy about the flaming things.

Phoebe steps in and shows Theo what to do with the candles, thus sparing him the need to get closer to them.

Once Phoebe blew them out, Theo was even more freaked out by the smoke.

“Daddy, save me!”

A piece of cake.

Theo makes his peace with the cake.

One last thing to share: at dinner time on Theo’s actual birthday, Phoebe said, “I’m so glad Theo is 2 now, because that means he won’t argue as much.”

14 thoughts on “always late to the party

  1. Um … what Theo a big argue-r before? I love that comment. Pheobe cracks me up!

    And I love the pictures. And reasons A and D are pretty much my reasons for everything that does and doesn’t happen in my day to day.

  2. Wow, Phoebe’s pretty optimistic, isn’t she?

    The cake looks delicious and is very beautifully decorated! :) Good work, Alejna and Phoebe! And I love the series of photos and captions.

    Fear of flames and smoke is probably a good thing, evolutionarily. So I guess that means that Theo will probably evolve!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday!!! I love his expressions!
    Two years old, eh? Wow! Just so you feel better: for my youngest’s 1st birthday, we only got 2 pictures: one of them is of his brother eating his cake!

  4. Did dad dress in tie-dye to match the cake, or vice versa, or was that a coincidence?

    The very bossy big sister in our house is reaping her reward now that the younger brother is five. I believe Phoebe has a good chance at getting her wish, though. After all, she blew out the candles.

    Congratulations. It’s sure to be a magical year.

  5. I like your cake! And your multiple choice – I use A, B, and D nearly every day. C did not apply to us because Em understood the concept of birthday enough to state, “It my birfday!” whenever there is cake, ice cream, or gifts in the general vicinity of wherever we are even now, 2 months later.

  6. Any day is a good day to celebrate a birthday! Looks perfect. That cake rocks.

    Also, I’m really glad that Theo isn’t going to argue anymore. I mean, that was getting to be a bit much.

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