going after the low-hanging fruit

A few weeks back, Sue had a theme for our project 365 group of “idioms.” You’d think I’d be all over that one, but I totally missed the boat. When push came to shove, I came up empty-handed. Which is just a crying shame, since I think idioms are the bee’s knees.

A low-hanging apple, from September.

(It’s been challenging keeping up with the daily blogging and the daily photo-taking. I’ve been really pushing forward with my research, and still busy with other life obligations, so I find myself looking for quick-and-easy subjects. Apparently this includes a fair amount of fruit.)

4 thoughts on “going after the low-hanging fruit

  1. We have a derelict apple orchard along one side of the property. There is one tree in the front yard which was mostly dead a couple of years ago, but for some reason when we had some oaks and beeches taken down, this one was left standing. This year, it was well foliated and a solitary apple hung at the very tip of a low-hanging sucker. I watched it for weeks, unable to put Luke 13:6-9 from my mind, waiting for it to spoil or submit to pests, but it hung there, ripening until at last I picked and ate it. It was juicy and tart, quite possibly a Baldwin.

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