ghost of the pants

The pants phantasm…a pantasmic apparition.

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the start of my blog, and also a day that has personal significance for me and my pants. I feel like I should have something pithy, or at least witty, to say. I wanted to write something fun or silly or brilliant featuring pants. It’s been ages since I’ve put together a pants list. But instead of writing about pants, I wrote the word pants. In light. Which I have to say is actually fairly fun and silly. It is also luminous, which is at least a synonym of brilliant

I have to keep chugging away at my research to at least maintain the illusion of progress, and there hasn’t been much time in my day or room in my head for blogging or pants. I’m being haunted by the spectre of an abstract submission deadline for a conference, which is looming only 2 weeks away. I had really hoped to have something ready to submit, but it’s looking less and less likely. But I want to keep my momentum, and hopefully I’ll be ready to submit something more substantial to another conference with a spring deadline. And there’s that tiny chance that I can still make the December 1st deadline. A little ghost of a chance.


¹ I did not edit this photo at all, and I am quite pleased with myself for figuring out how to do this.

9 thoughts on “ghost of the pants

  1. I love this picture! It is brilliant and witty!

    Maybe someday you can explain how you made it… I certainly can’t guess!

    Also, good luck with your research and getting an abstract together. I’d say there’s definitely a pants–er, I mean, chance–that you can get it ready in time!

  2. As for how it was done, I’m guessing tripod, slow shutter speed and a laser pointer or some such thing that you wrote the word with while the shutter stayed open. Am I right?

  3. yes, do tell. now that I have learned to play with shutter speed (see my latest 365 pictures!)

    and i clicked over here because I was about to write a PANTS post, and now, me thinks, it will have to be a blogiversary present to you. off to write it now…

  4. Sue’s guess sounds good, but (a) how about the ghostly blue pants behind/under the word, and (b) why can’t we see her doing the writing?

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