more peas

I’m seriously falling asleep sitting here with my computer, so I’m just going to post something for the sake of posting something. Nablopomo just brings out that kind of amazing quality. Here is a photo I took of a bowl of peas back in July. (Do you see Phoebe in it?)

3 thoughts on “more peas

  1. You want to talk about peas? We have some left over canned peas in the fridge (where space it at a premium right before a major food holiday) because the kids prefer canned peas. Perhaps if I can manage a successful garden next year, I can win them over to fresh peas.

    My husband likes to cook, so he will be involved on Thanksgiving. I like to plan ahead, so I’ve been thinking about the meal for a few days longer than him, and had decided on what I wanted for vegetables (including brussels sprouts and green beans with tarragon). Yesterday we went to the store together and he started with, “We need another bag of carrots.” Carrots were NOT on my list. “We need peas.” Not on my list, either. But I am no fool: I am willing to compromise because he does the carrot-and-peas-eater’s share of the work whenever we are hosting.

    Hope you get a good night’s sleep one of these days. How about tonight?

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