My nephew, Diego, is back in the hospital again. I don’t remember when the last time I wrote about him was. I know some people who visit here have kept up with the updates on my sister’s blog.¹ For anyone who hasn’t followed there, I’m happy to say that Diego successfully reached the end of his treatments about 3 weeks ago. It was a long hard road, with chemo and radiation treatments following the successful removal of the tumor back in May. The last chemo treatment meant that Diego was going to finally get to start healing and get back to normal life. And the last week or so, it sounded like he was really getting some energy back.

But cancer treatments are really hard on a body, especially on such a little one. Now he is in the hospital with what appears to be a bowel obstruction. He had one a few months ago that needed to be addressed surgically. It sounds like there is reason to be somewhat optimistic that the obstruction can resolve itself without surgery. We are really hopeful that this will turn out to be the case, as another major abdominal surgery will surely impede his progress getting back to normal soon. Any positive thoughts and prayers you want to send his way would be appreciated.

This somewhat unrelated photo was one I took in May.


¹ My sister has done some really powerful writing on that blog, while documenting Diego’s treatment and the emotional rollercoaster they’ve been riding. Her posts on finding meaning and how they found out about Diego’s cancer are two recent ones that I’ve found especially moving.

9 thoughts on “blocked

  1. Good luck to Diego. I’ve been having health problems myself — nothing even half as serious as what he has, yet enough to remind me that good health is nothing at all to be sneezed at.

    On another note: a blogger whose blog is on my blogroll has recently announced its impending cessation after two weeks blocking people from reading it. Am so glad that “blocked” doesn’t mean that you’re doing the same, Alejna.

  2. I was just thinking that I wanted to ask how Diego was doing. I hope this blockage turns out to resolve itself quickly and that Diego can go back to getting his life back. And that your sister and the rest of the family can also go back to normal, or as close to normal as one can get after such a traumatic and terrifying time. I wish everyone relief and respite from hospitals and treatments…
    I will definitely keep Diego in my (non-religious) prayers.

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