hitting a wall

I had meant to post something fun today, seeing as I’ve managed to go a whole 2 weeks since last posting. (That may be a record for me–I don’t remember going longer.) But I got some distressing news today. My nephew Diego had his 4-month-post-treatment scan yesterday, and the results were not as we’d anticipated. There will need to be more surgery. I feel a bit like we’ve hit a wall.

(I found this photo when looking through my photo library for clouds, since my sister picked that as a theme for her post. This felt fitting. I’m quite fond of the photo, though. It’s a mural in San Francisco, I think near the Bay Bridge.)

12 thoughts on “hitting a wall

  1. Oh no, this is terrible. How upsetting. Especially with Diego seeming to be doing so well. I hope this turns out to be nothing major and that the surgery goes quickly, easily, and smoothly with a super-fast recovery. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    Great photo, though.

  2. Sorry to learn about Diego’s latest scan results. It’s sad that one so young has to go through so much. Small consolation I know but it sounds though like he is surrounded by a lot of people who love and care for him.

  3. I’m sorry! the news certainly is ominous and oppressive like clouds and I hope that, like the mural you pictured, there is blue sky on the horizon.

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