Indulge me?

Last summer, WordPress made a change to my blog. They decided to phase out the theme that I had been using happily for several years for my blog, and replace it with a similar looking theme with more bells and whistles. They announced this change ahead of time, sending an email assuring me that I wouldn’t notice any changes to the appearance of my blog.

As it turned out, they overlooked a few differences between the themes, and my formatting got all whacko. One of the things that happened was that most of my sidebar widgets got seriously messed up. I recovered the contents of a few of the widgets, and eventually even put a few new images in the sidebar. Then WordPress realized what they’d done, and automatically restored my widgets, thus leading to some of the contents showing up twice. (If you scroll down, you may notice that my blogroll shows up two times. I haven’t bothered to fix it. How many people scroll down that far, anyhow?)

However, at least one of my widgets seems to have disappeared completely: my list of “favorite posts.” This was a list of links to posts of which I was particularly proud, and which I’d modified a bit over the years. There is still an automatically generated list of my “top posts,” based on frequency of views, but those are generally just ones that get a lot of search engine traffic from people looking for clipart or some such. That list is not really representative of what I consider to be my favorite posts.

So, I wanted to put a list back up. I could probably reconstruct the list myself, but I was wondering if you, as a regular reader or occasional visitor to my blog, could indulge me. Are there any posts that you remember that you feel would be worth highlighting on my front page? Or types of posts that you have enjoyed? Every once in a while, someone has mentioned to me, sometimes days or months after I posted, that they found themselves remembering something that I wrote. This has really meant a lot to me. (Someone remembered what I wrote!) Or if you are new to visiting this place, you could instead tell me what brought you here.

And then I also just want a bit of indulgence. Today is my birthday, and comments in my inbox would make a great gift. [Hint, hint.]

p.s. I also just added something new to my sidebar: a link that goes to a random post. I wonder if you might come across something you like that way. [Hint, hint.]

11 thoughts on “Indulge me?

  1. Happy birthday Alejna!
    I especially love the Ththths–all of them, but just to name a few, I remember enjoying the ones about flying pigs, socks, cutlery, pirates, and umbrellas.
    I also love your pi pies (obviously, being a mathematician), and (despite my lack of children), the posts about your kids. I love the footnotes that have footnotes, too. And let’s not forget American Hovel.
    Plus, the ones absence of Alternatives mentions above are great, and indeed almost any post about pants is pantastic…

  2. Happy birthday!

    I especially like the Pants posts, but I like all your word plays. I love your silliness. (Or is that: Your Silliness.) I am such a serious person ordinarily — your blog so often makes me laugh, and feel silly for a moment myself!

  3. I adore the ThThTh posts, too. I get all excited when I see you’ve posted one. I know there are other posts, too, that you’ve done that I really enjoyed, but I’m terrible at remembering things off the top of my head. I have trouble remembering the posts I’ve written!

  4. in all sincerity, good luck with that. I can’t remember what I’m doing when I go from one room to the next, so i’m no help.

  5. Feliz Cumpleaños, cariño mio!!!

    Didn’t your top post used to always be the IKEA flying rat one? And also something about “iPhones”?

  6. Happy (belated) birthday!! So sorry I wasn’t checking in on Thursday. Hope you had a wonderful day. You are now old enough to be my much younger sister!

    I, too, love the Th,Th,Th posts (such as the “Leaping Lepidoptera” one) and the pants posts, and one about Twitter … and so many others I can’t pull immediately to the front of my brain.

  7. Alejna! I’m sorry I missed your birthday!

    You know I love pants and I love when you post fake news stories. And, of course, when you post about learning violin. I want more of those, for sure :)

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