nothing to see here

Tiredness seems to have caught up with me, so I should get to bed rather than trying to figure out something to write. (I am a slow writer at the best of times, and when I’m tired, I spend a lot of time just staring at the screen. For example, in the middle of that last sentence, I just stopped and stared for 25 minutes. And it took me another 25 minutes just to type “25 minutes.” If I keep at this, it will be next week before I manage to post this.)

So move along. There’s nothing to see here. (On the other hand, I did finally manage to upload to flickr last night. Over 2 weeks worth of project 365 photos. So there’s something to see there, if you want to move along there.)

5 thoughts on “nothing to see here

      1. ha- I’m tempted to post it to tumblr.. I also think it would make a good album cover art photo. (also, tumblr! My well researched and thoughtfully written posts usually get about two likes. But the screen shot of my vacation hours which it took me about 2 seconds to post today was a big hit! Not to mention the photo of my shoes, of all things, which got a few actual replies, not just likes. so funny..)

  1. I love the silhouette of the kids, and 318 with all the different geometrical shapes (most of which are slightly cut off at the edges… great composition on that one!).

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