sharing a chair

One of my regular pursuits is to try to get a good picture with both Phoebe and Theo. They are often like bouncing atoms, rarely at rest at the same place at the same time. Today at lunch, they were fighting over a particular chair at the kitchen table. I have no idea why that chair. But then they finally agreed that they could sit in the chair together. Oh, the cuteness! I had to get a picture! Of course, my hands were full as I headed towards the table. I turned around to set aside the plates of food I’d been about to serve and pulled my iPod out of my pocket. As soon as I had the camera pointed in the right direction, though, Phoebe decided she was over the moment. She ran off. However, we were able to talk her back to the table, and amazingly, both of them stayed put (without glue or other restraining devices!) while I aimed the iPod camera at them. Rejoice! There was much cuteness to be had. (Not shown, though, are the shots of the kids with food hanging out of their mouths.)

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(I do find myself wishing I’d grabbed for my real camera, since the iPod photos are so grainy. Instagram filters are fun and all, but I’m pretty sure I’ll grow tired of them…)

4 thoughts on “sharing a chair

  1. Alejna, it doesn’t get better than this. I mean it! We have a kitchen island with three stools, we have two kids, so there shouldn’t be a problem, right? But they constantly fought over the “first’ (aka closest to the fridge) stool. Finally, In May they made a schedule of odd and even days, and peace reigned until May 31st, when Miss Evens figured out that Mr. Odds was getting two days in a row. Somehow they worked it out again, but it involves Leap Year and Full Moons and things that my old brain is too full to take in.

  2. I love the giggling one and the one where Phoebe seems to be rolling her eyes in exasperation. She reminds me of BubTar there…must be an oldest child reaction.

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