last night I dreamt of Hogwarts

I can’t remember exactly what I dreamt last night, but it had something to do with Harry Potter. As the alarm went off, beep-beeping along with the radio, my confused brain was convinced that the annoying DJs were talking about Hermione. It must have been a portent of the arrival of this:

I am now the proud owner of this very cool shirt designed by artist Karen Hallion. I won a drawing on Emily’s blog a couple of weeks ago, and had my choice of two Harry Potter-related designs. I chose “I open at the close,” which boasts a cool stylized image of a snitch in black. And what’s also cool is that through the site that distributes the shirts, I was able to choose what color shirt I wanted. And they had a dark gray. I think the black design looks quite striking on the dark gray. (And you know I love me some charcoal gray and black together..)

I think this will be one of my favorite t-shirts, and there’s a good chance I will have to order some more Karen Hallion creations. Phoebe may just have to have the Streetfighter Hello Kitty, and Theo may well need the Droid Army Where’s Waldo one. Perhaps John will need one of the various Firefly ones (especially one that features Calvin & Hobbes. Shiny.) If you appreciate some geekery on your t-shirtage, you should totally check out her work.

8 thoughts on “last night I dreamt of Hogwarts

  1. Hi Alejna —

    Cool T-shirt. I have a maroon Gryffindor t-shirt myself. And like the looks of the Streetfighter Hello Kitty t-shirt and agree it’d be nice for Phoebe. ;)

  2. Wow, very cool! Definitely one of the best Harry Potter shirts I’ve seen.

    I also dreamt of Harry Potter last night, but it was a very scary dream in which my best friend and I had gone to see the final Harry Potter movie but ended up with Voldemort sitting next to us in the cinema. I don’t mind Harry Potter dreams in general, but the ones involving Voldemort tend to be nightmares that prevent me from feeling rested the next morning.
    (For the record, I quite enjoy the movies but definitely prefer the books.)

    Now I should go look at those T-shirt designs.

  3. It looks great on you!

    I dreamt that I was meeting my husband’s “real” mother after 27 years. She was a nutter. It really threw me.

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