Project 365: a few of my favorite photos (part 2)

Here is the next big batch of my favorite photos that I took during my year of daily photo-taking. These are from the second 6 months, listed by month, along with the theme I chose for that month. (Favorites from the first 6 months can be found here.)

Month 7: color

190:365 After an icestorm

199:365 Snow cone

206:365 Hydrant

Month 8: shape(s)

235:365 The mega moon

month 9: texture

249:365 Fountain of Youth. (Title credit goes to my mother. Photo taken at my cousin’s wedding reception.)

253:365 Chain link curtain

254:365 Tissue rose

262:365 Dandelion macro

272:365 Flower in a mandarin orange

month 10: perspective

282:365 Phoebe among the dandelions

303:365 Stack of fruit

month 11: people

312:365 Confrontation in blue (aka “Donkey Darko”)

321:365 Washing hands at a farm

337:365 A flower for you

month 12: tired of themes

342:365 Cars on the driveway

343:365 Stairwell at MIT. (Taken with my iPod, and largely unedited.)

349:365 taken with my iPod, and filtered in Instagram

354:365 Theo telling Grampa about the fireflies

355:365 Picnic at the rest area

358:365 Peacock, up close

8 thoughts on “Project 365: a few of my favorite photos (part 2)

  1. Great to finally know what all the themes were for the second half of the year! I hadn’t actually guessed any of those, but I also hadn’t tried very hard. Fabulous photos, though. Especially Phoebe among the dandelions; the giant moon; the ice storm; and the triangular staircase.

  2. That cars on the driveway photo looks like it’s constantly coming into focus. Weird. Also, my Donkey Darko title didn’t win for the blue photo? I demand a recount!

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