Waste not, want not

Earlier today, I was drafting up some emails to remind subjects of their appointments tomorrow for an experiment I’m running. I started by forwarding the info emails I sent each them last week, detailing the time and place of the appointment, along with some minor updates. I changed the subject line to begin “Reminder:..” rather than “Fwd:…” As I started to delete the “Fwd,” and got to the d, I caught myself thinking: “But I’m going to be using a d in ‘Reminder.’ I shouldn’t waste it!”

Clearly, I have internalized the whole reduce-reuse-recycle message.

Also, I don’t think I got quite enough sleep last night.

I did manage to get a nice sleep on Saturday night, when I was home alone, and slept in till 8 (which really felt like 9). Admittedly, that doesn’t sound very late compared to my former life’s schedule, but it was glorious. I felt so well-rested. Unfortunately, circumstances were such that I made up for getting 8+ hours of sleep on Saturday night by getting only about 4 hours last night. I was up too late, then both kids were up at different times in the night. By morning, the whole family was in the same bed. Much like dogs, small children can take up a remarkably large amount of space on a mattress. Even a king-sized one. I had to struggle to keep on the bed. Then Theo didn’t get the memo about the time change, and was all done sleeping by 6.

You could say that I was not exactly at peak mental performance today. (Not that I can remember being at peak mental performance.) While I did get some work done, it felt like much of the day was wasted. What I needed was a nap, or at least some quiet time to focus. But that wasn’t going to happen, as we are having some work done in our attic. (Our insulation is a mess up there. Lots of heat has been getting wasted.) (Also, we need a new roof. Not that it’s all that relevant here, but it sure is a pain.)

So, yeah. Not sure what my point is. Look, here’s a completely unrelated photo!

I like this photo, and it’s been sitting around for weeks. I didn’t want to let it go to waste.

4 thoughts on “Waste not, want not

  1. Yeah, you shouldn’t leave (ha! see what I did there?) nice photos like that lying around unseen!
    I’m glad to hear you didn’t let any letters go to waste either. In today’s economy, we must strive to eliminate underutilization of our alphabetical resources.

  2. I reuse words when typing all the time! But I always chalked it up to laziness.

    That leaf is very pretty and I hope you get some sleep.

  3. we had our attic reinsulated this summer, and while they were up there, discovered we need a new roof. The insulators don’t do roofs, and didn’t recommend anyone, so don’t think they’re just trying to drum up business. Said we could wait a year or two, but not much longer. So guess that will be next summers big expense. sigh. I’ve heard of these things called vacations… they sound lovely…

  4. Sympathies to both Painted Maypole and Alejna about needing new roofs (rooves?). I had my roof replaced this year and it was both a big pain and a big expense. But the good thing is, you don’t have to do it very often!

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