Back to normal?

I hardly know what to say about the past week. It was a crazy week of craziness, the likes of which were not conducive to getting over jet-lag or recovering from food poisoning. Here are just some of the features of this week (not necessarily in chronological order):

  • lab meeting
  • patch-ironing
  • violin lesson
  • travel plans
  • abstract submission
  • research presentation
  • cell phone malfunction
  • snow storm
  • snow delays
  • snowman
  • large mice on ice
  • Chilean stew
  • unexpected rabbit costume assembly
  • low-flying helicopters, SWAT teams & K9 units
  • town-wide panic and rumors
  • 4 dozen rainbow/unicorn cupcakes

(Please don’t think that the rainbow/unicorn cupcakes were the source of the town-wide panic and rumors.)

I would write more about some of these things, as well as some other things that are on my mind, but I can’t seem to find the words right now. So, here are some pictures:

7 thoughts on “Back to normal?

  1. Oh my gosh! Is Phoebe the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? Excellent costume!

    It sort of sounds like you got several weeks’ worth of excitement in one week. I hope you can recover over the next few days!

  2. Wow! That truly is a lot of stuff hitting the proverbial fan. I do hope that at some point you’ll write about the SWAT team. And send me a cupcake. I would have traded my whole sticker collection for one of those beauties back in the day.

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