there and back again

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, and I hardly know where to begin to catch up. We just had a lovely visit in California with my family (mother, sister, brother-in-law, and the two most adorablest nephews in the world), taking advantage of Phoebe’s school vacation, and now are back at home and trying to get back into the swing of things. My own swing of things was rather hampered by a bout of likely food poisoning, leaving me feeling like I’d been run over by a steam-roller most of yesterday. On the bright side, the illness led to my inability to stay up much past 10 yesterday evening (in spite of sleeping late and sitting around like a lump all day), and seems to have bounced me back to the East Coast time zone faster than anticipated. So, um, yay!

I hope to be able to catch up more here (I have loads of photos and lots on my mind I want to share), but another hectic stretch lies in front of me. So I’m going to bed.

5 thoughts on “there and back again

  1. Love the photo. Theo’s hat is most excellent! (That is Theo, right? Hard to tell from the back.)

    I had food poisoning recently too, at the end of January. It is truly a wretched experience. (Or, is the experience “wretching”, since the person having the experience is the one who feels wretched? Oh wait, maybe I’m thinking of retching, which I did a lot of while feeling wretched. Why have I never noticed how similar those two words are?) Anyway, I hope you are feeling much better!

  2. Nothing better than a fun vacation somewhere that makes you feel loved. Glad that it was a good one.

    Sorry about the food poisoning. Sometimes it sucks to eat food. Get well soon.

  3. You know, there IS this stomach thing going around.. (but I actually hope in your case it’s food poisoning because it will clear up faster than my stomach thing!)

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