hump day

Things have been crazy busy, mostly in a good way. There have been lots of year-end events for Phoebe’s school, and I found myself spending many hours last week cooking and baking for a couple of them. (My diet has such complicated restrictions that if I don’t bring food to such events, I will not be guaranteed to find anything that I can eat. Also, I am slightly insane.) Yesterday was the kindergarten field trip to the zoo. I went as a chaperone. For Phoebe’s class, there ended up being a high chaperone-to-kid ratio, but that turned out well. I had charge of Phoebe plus one other kid. It’s actually rather challenging to take charge of a 6-year-old you don’t really know at a public place full of lots of other small children you don’t know at all. I’m quite pleased to say that I did not lose any children. I am also pleased to say that I refrained from volunteering at one final school event, as I really need to spend some quality time with my work. In the 2+ weeks that I’ve been back from China, I have really only had a couple of days that have not been packed with meetings, childcare or other commitments. (I guess that may be why I’m rather tired today. On the bright side, I think I am squarely over my jetlag! This tiredness can be attributed to fatigue from overactivity.)

I have had so many things to share, a head full of thoughts and a hard drive full of photos. Sometimes, when there is too much, I have trouble posting much of anything at all. So this post is meant to help push me over that hump. (I thought about doing a Wordless Wednesday post, but who am I kidding? I like words.)

5 thoughts on “hump day

  1. I get the same way about writing on my blog. If I have too much going on in my life, my brain gets in a twirl & I can’t figure out where to start. It’s frustrating.

    [Nice camel, btw. Very humpy.]

  2. Well done on not losing any children at the zoo! In Italy, when kids go on school trips, they all wear matching hats or jackets or something, so that it is easier to identify which children belong to which group. I imagine this is very helpful for the chaperones.
    I hope this post helps get you unstuck!
    And yes, that’s a very nice camel.

  3. You know, I have a feeling that if we lived closer together, we’d have fun hanging out. Maybe it’s because I can relate to the things you write so much, such as the whole hard drive full of photos thing or not knowing what to write when there is so much to write about. It’s why I hardly blog at all these days.

  4. the end of school year is such a whirlwind for parents, teachers, and kids alike.

    oh, and ps — are you coming to nyc in august?

  5. I was reading back through my archives (sending some things that are no longer pertinent back to draft) and I used to write A LOT! About everything! I don’t know when or why I lost that drive, but I wish I could get a bit of it back. Even though I still enjoy blogging and feel it is important to keep that record, I just keep falling behind. I think it used to be a life raft for me when I was drowning in a sea of complicated uncertainty…but I guess over time I learned to swim a little better and don’t need it quite so desperately.

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