3 fruit silhouettes

Here are 3 pictures of fruits I have taken over several years.
Apples, from October, 2008. (In a Massachusetts apple orchard.)

Oranges, from September, 2009. (In Sevilla, Spain.)

Unknown type of berries¹, a few days ago. (In Massachusetts.)

¹ I really wish I’d had recent access to a banana tree, since that would make a better set. The last time I saw one was probably in Brazil in 1991, and I didn’t get any photos. But I do like the berries.

8 thoughts on “3 fruit silhouettes

    1. I confess that I was aware of the photo theme for a while. I knew I had the apples and oranges, but I seem to be drawn to groups of 3! I finally had a suitable third. And actually I like it better than the first 2!

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