digging in

Our array of snow shovels.

Some of you may have noticed that I have been posting rather frequently of late. I decided, you see, that I would post every day this month. I have so many photos and stories to share, I decided to just dig in. I don’t really have a plan, beyond that. I’m just picking from among the photos in my digital hoard, or posting as things come up. I hope to share some more of my travel stories, and other posts I’ve started to draft. Maybe, when I’ve laid it all out, some sort of pattern will emerge. Or maybe it will be just a big pile. But it will be my pile.

There are some bushes hiding under these piles.

Our front path.

And now I should try to dig back into my work, which has been entirely neglected for the past few days. Not only have I spent a lot of time shovelling snow, but I have also not had any time without at least one young child since Thursday.

5 thoughts on “digging in

  1. What happy, colorful snow shovels! So how many feet of snow did you have in your yard? It looks really deep! but since there is nothing there to indicate the scale, I can’t really tell. See, if there were a child on the path, it would give some idea. Or a dog or cat or squirrel. Or even an adult.
    But I digress. I’ve been digging your dignified, daily posts! Here’s hoping you dig pretty deep in your digital hoard, giving us lots to digest!

    1. We actually got probably just under 2 feet, but it was so drifty that it was hard to tell. I sort of like the ambiguity of the depth in that photo, but maybe I’ll also share some of the ones I have with small children posing. (No squirrels offered to provide scale.)

      Thanks for supporting my dailing posting, and thanks for all the digginess. I dig! (But now I need to go to bed.)

  2. You had snow while we had just sort of blah weather. I’d like to say that I’d prefer the snow, which looks so much prettier than blah weather, but I’d be lying. Not needing to use a snow shovel trumps pretty. I’m getting old, aren’t I?

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