The journey was as much the goal as the destination.

We decided to have an excursion into Boston today, to do something fun for my mother’s visit. We didn’t have a specific plan in mind, but thought we’d take the train and play it by ear for the afternoon, and then get dinner at Pho Pasteur. (2 years ago, we took the train into Boston and happened to eat there after wandering around the Common, and now it has become a tradition when we take the train into Boston. They have really yummy soup.)

On the train ride in, we decided that we’d check out the Institute of Contemporary Art, which none of us had been to (at least in its current location). It looked to be a reasonable (~15 to 20 minute) walk from South Station.

The building itself is very cool, with amazing views of the harbor.

We all enjoyed looking out, as well as looking at the artwork in the exhibits.

The walk from South Station may have been a bit long for those with shorter legs, especially bundled up and wearing clompy snow boots. There may have been some tiredness. We ended up staying about 2 hours, which was about right. Then we took the T toward dinner.

Whenever we go to art museums, Phoebe and Theo are always inspired to do their own art. Here we are at the restaurant before our food arrived. Theo was drawing a train.

Taking the T back to South Station after dinner, and looking a bit like poster children.

On the train home, we managed to score one of the coveted tables. Theo was happy to be able to draw some more. He spent most of the train ride drawing.

He was looking a bit tired, but his picture was super cool. He later explained to us that it was a robot as big as a planet that had thousands of robots inside.

7 thoughts on “The journey was as much the goal as the destination.

  1. Oh, I like the ICA. Thanks for reminding me that there is something I like in Boston!
    I like Theo’s planet-sized robot picture! especially the idea of robots inside of robots.

  2. Aha, so that’s what that place looks like! I decided not to go, but it looks good. Also this day sounds like a good candidate for Best Day Ever, whether for myself as a child, or in the present. :)

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