drawing a blank

Do you ever feel like there is something important that you are missing? As if the signs are there, but you just can’t figure out their messages? Maybe it’s just me.

Here are 4 photos of blank signs I’ve come across in my wanderings.

The first 3 are from nearby Massachusetts towns, and the last is from a suburb of Dublin. I’m sure that if the signs actually showed any text, the text would somehow reflect the location.

Yet again, I found myself stuck about what to post. Too many options, not enough time to work through some of them. Happily, I came across this set of photos that I had put together at some other point when I felt stuck. So, I guess these blank signs offered me some direction.

4 thoughts on “drawing a blank

  1. I’d like to comment, but I’m not sure what to say. ;)
    (not true. I love this little theme and especially the composition of that first photo)

  2. Just fill in the blanks. As I love to give photos, art, writing a title, here are some possibilities:
    Image 1 – E – Sign; Image 2 – Please don’t feed the lions; Image 3 – Vine Shadows; Image 4 – Enter at your own . . . . .

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