a cloud that caught my eye

I considered using a post title with some sort of sky, cloud or storm idiom, and even briefly considered titling this post “Post title with some sort of sky, cloud or storm idiom.” But not having much to say, I figured I would just post the photo along with a title that describes the photo. Wow, I have now typed a lot of words that don’t say much of anything.

You see, whenever I go a long stretch without posting, I find myself struggling with what to say once I start up again. Somehow, I managed to post only once all last month. It was one of those cases when I found myself so overwhelmed by the many things I felt I should say here that I instead said nothing. With heavy world and national events weighing on my mind, I found myself unable to post the fluff that most easily flows.

So here I am once more, starting in with posting something with light and bright. A bright fluffy cloud.¹

¹ Of course, the lightness of a cloud is deceptive. A fluffy floating cloud can actually be quite heavy, being as it consists of hundreds and thousands or even a million pounds of water.

2 thoughts on “a cloud that caught my eye

  1. Fluffy but heavy… Interesting. Still, I can see why that cloud caught your eye. It sort of looks like a dragon head.

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