looking up

To follow up on yesterday’s post of spirally gates and grates in Boston, here are some spiral-adorned balconies in Sevilla, Spain. While walking through the streets one evening during my visit there in 2009, I looked up to admire the shadows of the balcony gates.

This particular building had lights shining in several directions, producing a pleasing tangle of spirally shadows.

I also enjoy the contrast of the bright orange walls and the dark metal.

Today was a much better day, by the way, and I did not have to fight the urge to stay curled up in a little ball. Things are definitely looking up when I have gotten a bit more sleep.

One thought on “looking up

  1. 1. I’m glad you were feeling better the day you posted this.
    2. These might be my favorite photos you have ever posted, which is really saying something as I tend to like most of your pictures that do not include many-legged creatures. The orange! the spirals! the shadows and the things whose shadows are there! So cool. :)

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