(in)spired stump

On my walk in the woods last weekend, my eye was caught by a particularly complicated-looking tree stump. Perhaps it was caused by the weather, or insects, or some combination thereof, but the wood of the stump was carved into an intricate display of spires and arches. It reminded me of a fantasy city, such as from the Lord of the Rings movies. stump-spires-1

My daughter, though, tells me she sees ghosts and screaming faces. I can actually see this, too. stump-spires-2

What do you see in the patterns fo the stump? A fantasy scene or a nightmare? Or do you, rather, see only the weathered and broken wood shards of a tree stump?

2 thoughts on “(in)spired stump

  1. Wood ant or termite nest ripped open by a bear. And, yes, a fantasy castle. It’s just that I trec around with my engineer husband who sees things the first way.

    1. Ooh, termite nest ripped open by a bear is intriguing! There definitely have been black bear sightings in the towns around me, but I didn’t consider that this might have been the work of a bear. Not to say that the bear should get all the credit, since the termites or wood ants did all the fancy carving.

      Glad you see a castle, too! :)

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