Dripping and dropping

Seriously, we have to stop with these late night engagements. It’s true, I’m getting cold feet. Literally. Because I just stepped outside on my front steps in my bare feet to get a mediocre photo to post here.

It’s snowing, and I wanted to see for myself whether the snow was sticking at all. It was more of a soggy carpet of slush than a fluffy blanket of snow. It wasn’t too many days ago, though, that I could be outside without a jacket. Today (even before the snow started dropping) I broke out the winter coat and gloves for walking the dog.

Today was a relatively mellow day of trying to dip myself into various projects. One project is recruiting people to write postcards for the Georgia runoff election, and organizing the materials for this. (I’ve committed to getting 500 written and mailed so far, with a deadline of next week.) Another chunk of the day was spent getting organized for various work deadlines and meetings. I also got both my flu shot and my bivalent COVID booster this evening. I’m still feeling a sort of post-trip fatigue, so I should really get myself to bed.

One thought on “Dripping and dropping

  1. I hope only your arms were sore. I am really impressed with the postcard idea. We had a horribly low turnout for the local elections here and I wonder if postcards would help next time.
    Yeah, we have slush too.

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