light show

On Saturday night, we went to see a fireworks display at a nearby town. It was a perfect night to be outside, with clear skies and a warm breeze to keep the bugs (mostly) at bay. Kids were running around having fun playing with various light toys, and I had fun playing with slow shutter speeds.

Phoebe was very excited to be out past her bedtime. She ran around and danced to the music coming from the big tent set up for the occasion. She loved the fireworks.

Theo was much more mellow, and slightly intimidated by the scene, happy to sit on the sleeping bag we’d spread out and eat snacks. About an hour after we’d settled into our spot on the field, he was ready to go home. But then the fireworks started, and he went from bored and mildly intimidated to downright frightened. He clung to me, shaking.

I confess that, while I felt bad that he was scared, I enjoyed getting the snuggling time with him. He’s at a stage (please let it be a stage!) where he won’t necessarily give me a hug, even once a day. Part way through the fireworks show (which wasn’t terribly long, it being a fairly small town), John and I traded off so that he snuggled and comforted Theo while I took a few more pictures. By the end of the show, Theo had calmed down quite a bit, and was cheerful again. He even agreed that we’d had fun.

8 thoughts on “light show

  1. Nice job with the camera!

    My kids are much older than yours, and I know they’d be uncomfortable in a crowd, at night, surrounded by explosions. We skipped the official celebrations, but got them out of bed when the neighbor set his off. I have no idea where he gets them, but his displays rival the pros.

    Every year I think “I’ve seen fireworks before; they’re always the same,” and every year, they’re incredibly magic.

  2. Nicely done! It’s difficult taking pictures of fireworks. The last picture though… at first I thought someone (i.e. you) was arrested. LOL. ;-)

  3. Great photos! I skipped the fireworks this year because it was too cold (ah, Bay Area summers…), so it’s nice to see the pictures!

    Fireworks are beautiful, but I always wonder how refugees from war-torn countries cope with our 4th of July fireworks. Surely they sound just like gunshots and bombs? and if so, it must be traumatic for people who’ve come here to escape a war zone.
    For that matter, I wouldn’t be surprised if fireworks were to trigger flashbacks in combat veterans from the U.S. military.

  4. Stunning! I love fireworks.

    But my cats would agree with Theo. When they set off fireworks or rockets around here the boys hide out under the bed.

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