splish splash (friday foto finder: water)

When you are a toddler, bathtime can be a lot of fun. So many opportunities for splashing! And when you enjoy taking photos, this can be a great time to play around with catching those splashes in action.

These were some photos from when Theo was 2. To catch the drips mid-drop and the splishes mid-splash, you need to have a pretty fast shutter speed. (Mine looks to have been 1/125, or a125th of a second) Since our bathroom doesn’t have terribly bright light, I used a flash for these. I think I had at least as much fun as Theo did. (If you try this at home, be warned that there’s a good chance your camera may catch a splash here and there, and I don’t just mean in a photo.)

That was the summer that I started in on Project 365, and I worked through self-chosen themes each month. My first month I chose reflections, and the top photo is the one I selected for that day. I loved a bunch of the others, too, so I’ll take this opportunity to share them.

Check out the slide show for a few more photos from this set.

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This week’s friday foto finder challenge is to find photos with water. Well, it’s certainly not exactly a challenge for me, as water is one of those subjects I am drawn to in photography. I love the interesting distorted reflections from water’s varied surfaces, and am fascinated by the refractions visible in drops or containers of water. I may just have to post a few more this week!