joy ride (friday foto finder: horse)

In June, Phoebe got to go on a field trip with her Daisy troop to a horse stable, and the visit included a ride on one of the stable’s horses. Given her current love of all things equine, Phoebe was over the moon.

The horse was very tolerant. (Not shown are the photos of the horse being surrounded by 10 excited 6-year-old girls.)

Phoebe would love to be able to do this more often…

The visit also included a lesson on how to care for horses. Phoebe was enthralled to be brushing a real horse.

This week’s friday foto finder theme is “horse¹.” To see what horses others have corralled, check out the friday foto finder blog.

¹ Coincidentally, we watched National Velvet for the first time tonight. It was rather startling to see Angela Lansbury playing the role of a teenager. (She played one of Elizabeth Taylor’s sisters.) I suppose it would have been more startling to see her playing the role of horse. Though come to think of it, she did play the role of a teapot.