Introducing AHTV: The American Hovel TV Network

American Hovel Magazine, April 2007 coverAHTV
Lowering Acceptable Neatness Standards in the Home
…and Beyond!

Following the incredible success of American Hovel Magazine, the magazine dedicated to lowering acceptable neatness standards in the home, this month will see the launch of AHTV, the American Hovel TV Network. Here are a few shows that you’ll be able to see on AHTV:

  • Fashion Programming
    Laundry Day Style
    Getting dressed can be a challenge on those days when laundry is overdue. But with a little help from our fashionistas, you can throw together outfits that make a statement using what’s left in your closet.

  • Science and Nature Shows
    The Wild Kingdom: Indoor Edition
    Ever wonder what kinds of things are growing in your refrigerator? What sorts of animals have taken up residence in your garage or attic? Tune each week to find out.
  • Sit Coms
    The Oddly Compatible Couple
    Oscar is a messy slob. Felix is a messy slob. What happens when two messy people move in together? Hilarity ensues!

  • Dramas
    Law and Disorder
    A courtroom drama about a group of attorneys whose offices are in constant chaos. They’ll get to the bottom of the case, once they find the tops of their desks.

    The X-Piles
    Is that fuzzy gray thing in the vegetable drawer becoming sentient? Are rooms really disappearing in your home? Did aliens steal your remote? Join special agents Molder and Sullied as they investigate reports of supernatural occurrences.

    Max Clutter, P.I.
    Crime is a messy business, especially when Max gets involved. Join the Detritus Detective each week for a new mystery, as he searches for clues, missing persons, and his missing car keys.

  • Home and Garden Shows
    Trashing Spaces
    See some of America’s most beautiful showroom homes.Then see what happens when real families move into them.

    Martha Stewart’s Not Living Here
    Join our hosts, who are nothing like Martha Stewart, as they give ideas for ways to appreciate your messy home. Topics for upcoming shows include “Loving Your Dandelion Garden,” “Clutter Chic,” and “Feng Shui is not For You.”


This programming is brought to you by…The Monday Mission, sponsored by The Flying Mum, now with more TV programming than ever. Nothing brightens teeth better!

7 thoughts on “Introducing AHTV: The American Hovel TV Network

  1. Oh, how I love “The X-Piles!” It’s a good thing I am alone right now, I am laughing so hard that tears are sqeezing out.
    “Molder” and “Sullied”

  2. hysterical! this is the one I would watch most: • Trashing Spaces
    See some of America’s most beautiful showroom homes.Then see what happens when real families move into them.
    he he. I always wonder what those beautiful homes look like a few months later! and where is all their STUFF!?!?

  3. It’s sad to say but I am one half of an oddly compatible couple. Sigh. You might just as well send the camera crews over.

    This was hilarious, btw, as was your sci-fi suggestion over at my place. Low Supply-lons. Ha!

  4. flying-
    Thanks! It always makes my day when I can make someone cry.

    Maybe I’ll take up TV programming if this grad school gig doesn’t pan out…

    Yeah, once the stuff moves in, the house never looks the same again.

    I’m afraid that John and I are also an oddly compatible couple. We keep waiting for someone to come in and pick up after us. (And glad you enjoyed my BSG show at your place. Your post was a hoot.)

    I think it’s the chaos that inspires me. I don’t think you’d want lessons.

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