Another 9 kick-ass women movies

Here’s another installment in my endeavor to catalogue, critique, and otherwise classify movies, shows and other media that prominently feature kick-ass women. This is my fourth list of movies. The first three lists contained more of my all-time favorite movies (or at least those movies I know better), but this list still includes some great movies (or at least some movies that have great kick-ass women roles). At some point soon, the lists will be moving into the following territories:

A pre-list list of upcoming lists:

  • Movies that I hear are good, which appear to have very kick-ass women, but which I have (shamefully) not yet seen
  • Movies in which there are some great kick-ass women, though with roles that are less central
  • Movies with kick-ass women where either the characters or the movies themselves were disappointing (or just plain awful)
  • Movies that I haven’t seen, but heard or suspect are crap, but which I should probably still see anyhow.
  • TV shows! I’m happy to say that TV has many more kick-ass women characters than in the days when Cathy Gale and Emma Peel first fought their way onto the small screen. I’ll likely start with my favorites.

And then at some point, my plan is to devise a rating scheme whereby I can actually rank the movies, shows and kick-ass women characters.

Okay, onto the real list. Like the previous lists, these movies will be ordered chronologically.

Another 9 kick-ass women movies

  1. A View to a Kill (1985)
    Grace Jones (Mayday) played an atypical “Bond Girl” role in this one. Not restricted to the role of pillowy soft femininity to bolster the masculinity of Bond.
  2. La Femme Nikita/Nikita (1990)
    This is an important movie that probably should have appeared on one of my earlier lists. Anyhow, a great movie, and a great role. Anne Parillaud kicks ass in style. And in French. Perhaps even in French style.
  3. Thelma & Louise (1991)
    This is more about kick-ass strength of character than ass-kicking action, but this movie is still a classic of the kick-ass women genre. Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon take no prisoners.
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)
    It’s not the amazingly great TV show, but still fun. Kristy Swanson’s portrayal of Buffy is still worthy of being labelled kick-ass.
  5. League of Their Own (1992)
    I’m not generally a big fan of sports movies, but this one is worth mentioning, especially since it’s based on some real-life women who kicked ass, in their way.
  6. Iron Monkey/ Siu nin Wong Fei Hung ji Tit Ma Lau (1993)
    Jean Wang plays a supporting role, but holds her own and kicks ass along with Donnie Yen. This movie also scores extra points because the kick-ass young boy in the movie was actually played by a kick-ass young girl. And it’s a great martial arts movie, overall.
  7. Supercop 2/Chao ji ji hua (1993)
    It may be pretty clear that I am a big fan of Michelle Yeoh. In this one, she reprises her role from Supercop (the one with Jackie Chan). It wasn’t a super movie, but it did have some super ass-kicking scenes.
  8. X-Men (2000)
    While this movie gets points for having women superheroes, I actually found the X-Women to be a wee bit wimpy. Especially in the fight scenes–they only kick moderate ass. On the other hand, Rebecca Romijn as Mystique counterbalances with a more impressive display of ass-kicking, and is menacing to boot.
  9. Mrs. & Mrs. smith (2005)
    I can’t say I loved this movie, but I did appreciate the kick-assedness of Angelina Jolie’s character.

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