5 thoughts on “another little bit of pants

  1. I tried to play the game instead of sleeping, but my room was/is freezing so I went downstairs to watch bad movie on tv instead. I’ll try again though.
    I like pants too! pants, pants, pants
    I just saw your search engine terms for my blog- I was laughing out loud. it’s 4:40 am… hope I didn’t bother my roommate.
    Why, why, why can’t I sleep.
    I’m cold.

  2. ericalee-
    I didn’t get too far at playing the Fancy Pants game, myself. I’m really bad at that sort of game. But I enjoyed looking at it.
    And glad you like pants. Excellent. Pants.
    And I can’t take credit for the search engine hits on your blog. I suspect some other devious individual is responsible. (If responsible is the right term for someone trying bizarre search engine expressions in the middle of the night.) I also had some hits on my blog for things like “Alejna likes silly pants.”
    Hope you’ve warmed up and gotten some sleep.

  3. i am the pants. i like all your things pants.
    there are tee-shirts that have only the word pants on it. you can find them on the internet. i have two. keep up the good pants work.

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