putting baby to work

We just had a breakthrough moment. I’m sitting on one couch in the living room (doing work, believe it or not) and John is sitting across the room on the other couch. Phoebe was over playing with John. John realized he needed a tissue. The tissues were over next to me. What on earth could we do? Certainly, standing up seemed like too much effort, and it’s very hard to throw a single tissue across the room. So I held out a tissue, and asked Phoebe to come get it. She crawled over and then brought the tissue to John. Yes! (Of course, there were moments when it seemed she would opt to shred the tissue, or wander off in another direction. So the whole process was not terribly expedient.) It’s only a matter of time before we can get her to start mowing the lawn and changing the oil in our cars.

5 thoughts on “putting baby to work

  1. KC-
    That’s so funny. Almost exactly a year later. Very cool. Phoebe’s just starting to walk, so we’ll have to get creative about how we can put her to work for now. So, has Jolie accomplished any major landscaping or remodeling projects for your new home?

  2. NotSoSage-
    Yes, I’ve heard of those “toddler” types. Maybe we can get a big hamster wheel for Phoebe once she starts running, and somehow harness her energy.

    Yes, money. It’s about time she started bringing some of that in.

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