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So I started class again today. It’s been over a year since I last took a class. (Though not that long ago since I actually finished the work for that class….) I think I’m getting too old for this. 35 years old. Rushing off to a class where the average age of the students is probably 20. (My face, perhaps in an effort to make me feel younger, has graced me with a nice red zit on my nose. Just in time for the first day of school. It’s like high school revisited.) And can I just say that I didn’t quite feel prepared? As I was rushing around the house trying to get my essentials together for the ride in (car key, wallet, iPod…), I said to myself, “I should bring a pen. I think students use those.” So I grabbed a pen, and hoped that whatever papers were left in my backpack would serve for any note-taking purposes. (I did bring my laptop, though. So, here I sit in class, pretending to take notes. Just kidding! I’m really in the car driving home!)

So I rushed around this afternoon dealing with registering for class (which I should’ve done weeks ago). And I sat in class with 40+ other students. And I felt almost like I was back in a previous life. And I had various flashbacks to other days in the classroom. Other classes I’d taken, as a grad student, as an undergrad, and even back in high school. And oddly, I had flashbacks to the movie Back to School. Mind you, I’ve never seen more than a few minutes of this movie starring, and apparently largely written by, Rodney Dangerfield. Nor do I want to see any more. (Really not a big fan of Rodney Dangerfield.) But I could somewhat identify with the premise: an old guy goes back to college, where he stands out for being such an old guy. (Also for being loud-mouthed, lewd and crude. Hopefully I didn’t come off as such an oaf.)

I was going to put together a list of other movies of older folks going back to school. I mean, there must be others I’ve seen or know of. There’s that whole genre of parent/kid body swapping (like Freaky Friday and Vice Versa) that must have some misadventures of adults going to school with a bunch of youngsters. But I really should get to bed instead.

Oh yeah, and I still owe some pants. I ran off to class earlier with my pants only half- way up. I mean, my pants post. It’ll have to be tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “back to school

  1. oh! oh! oh! i know!

    _hiding out_ (starring everyone’s favorite duckie, jon cryer)
    _never been kissed_ (drew barrymore)

    …and pretty much every episode of _21 jump street_

  2. I totally referenced ‘Back to School’ when I started my class last summer. While I share a distaste for Rodney Dangerfield as most quasi-cultured people do, I somehow ended up seeing that movie several times against my will.

    But, yes, ‘Never Been Kissed’….that end scene where he rushes up to kiss her on the pitching mound at the last second…I’m a total sucker for that. Plus I have a total crush on Michael Vartan. Michael, if you’re out there, I’m married but maybe we could work something out.

  3. hey, speak for yourself, granny– Linnea and I got carded last weekend! (or rather, Linnea did, and then the waiter delayed long enough that Linnea said “Aren’t you going to card her?” So I may have just been a Courtesy Card)

    ps. I got your message– will call soon..

    Oh, and “Strangers with Candy”- TV show and movie

  4. Very cool–lots of additions to the “back to school” list. Thanks, guys.

    Never heard of hiding out. And I had to look up the ducky reference. Pretty in Pink, I see. (Is that right?) It’s been a while since I’ve seen that one…

    And I’ve never seen Never Been Kissed. Should I? It’s sounds like you liked it, KC (And KC, funny that you referenced Back to School, too. Perhaps it will be considered a classic some day, as a much cited work.)

    “21 Jump Street”! There’s another show I haven’t seen in ages. And I’ve only seen a couple of bits of “Strangers with Candy.” Didn’t even know the premise. Should I check out the movie? (Maybe I should drop out of school and just watch movies…and perhaps some old TV series, just to be more rounded.)

  5. I’m not sure I can recommend “Strangers with Candy”, but it fits the back to school theme. A middle aged woman (Amy Sederis) gets out of prison and decides to go back to high school. She’s kind of a freak, and she teams up with some loser types to try to win the science fair. Hilarity ensues.. sort of. It was an ok movie, but it had Stephen Colbert as a fundamentalist science teacher, so it gets points for that. Also, lots of cameos, if I remember right..

  6. and in another bit of movie trivia, duckie’s “girl” at the prom was none other than kristy swanson (she also had a bit part in ferris bueller, relating how she’d heard from a friend who’s brother….)

    poor kristy. buffy was great, the chase… well, okay. it did have some of the best cameos (flea, anthony keidis, hank rollins) i’ve seen in awhile.

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