on kick-ass women characters

Joss Whedon kicks ass.

I’m sure many of you already knew this.

I’ve been a fan of Buffy and Firefly/Serenity for a bit, and therefore had some awareness that Joss Whedon could produce, direct and write some cool stuff in the kick-ass woman department. However, I developed a whole new level of appreciation for his own kick-assedness when I saw this video of him talking about answering the big question: “Why do you write such strong women characters?” (Thanks to bs and orangerful for bringing my attention to this clip.)

I had been very excited to see that he was lined up to write a new feature-length film version of Wonder Woman. Cool, huh? However, I’m sad to say that I’ve recently learned that he is off the job. Damn.

In other kick-ass-woman-related news, there’s an upcoming blog event that should be worth checking out: The Action Heroine Blogathon. (hat-tip to Lazy Eye Theater, and thanks to jenny for making sure I knew about it.) I’m hoping to participate, with some sort of new post in the kick-ass women series. I’m even hoping that YTSL will have a new post of her own along the same lines. (Any chance?) Anyone else out there have some movies or shows with action heroines they want to write about?

5 thoughts on “on kick-ass women characters

  1. Hi Alejna —

    There’s always a chance but I’m not sure when. I’m still recovering from a torrid work week (home only at 11:30 pm on Thursday, only back at 3 am on Saturday morning and working on Saturday until 4 pm)… :S

  2. Thanks again for the linkage! Joss is the man. I’m scared of what the Wonder Woman movie will be like now that the studio took him off of it for “artistic differences” or whatever. It had such potential with him crafting the story, I just hope whoever takes the reins isn’t just some hack trying to make a few buck.

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