the Ikea Rat Launcher

40588_pe134275_s4.jpgFrom time to time, I have been known to do a product review. (Some of you may remember my review of the iPhone, and the followup discussion of the Apple iCup.) I’ve been wanting to share this product for a while, but thought it would be good to wait for the Year of the the Rat celebrations to kick in. So, here it is: a review and demo of the Ikea Rat Launcher.

The Ikea Rat Launcher

This colorful and inexpensive device can launch an Ikea stuffed rat several feet up into the air, way up over a toddler’s head, resulting in a flying rat and a giggling toddler. (Individual results may vary.) Below are some images from our extensive testing of this product in late October of last year.


rat_launch1.jpg rat_launch2.jpg rat_launch3.jpg
rat_launch4.jpg rat_launch5.jpg rat_launch6.jpg
rat_launch7.jpg rat_launch10.jpg rat_launch9.jpg

For the full demonstration, you can watch this video.¹

This ingenious product also doubles as a storage device: rats can be collected and placed in the launcher for later launching. An attractive reptilian cover keeps the rats from escaping.
img_2206.jpg img_2210.jpg

Warning: this product is not recommended for toddler storage.


While the Launcher appears large enough to accomodate a toddler, attempts at toddler storage may result in the following:²

¹ Sorry it’s a bit long, at 2:42, but I was too amused by Phoebe’s belly laughter and backwards toddling to cut any of it out.

² This one’s only 15 seconds. You know you want to watch it.

18 thoughts on “the Ikea Rat Launcher

  1. magpie-
    That would be great!


    My brain sometimes works in mysterious ways. Especially when it’s not working on the things it’s supposed to be working on.

    Oh, good! Added results!

    Glad to amuse.

    It is surprising that we don’t see more flying rat products.

    I didn’t realize Ikea had such power. (Though I haven’t seen any manifestation of it yet.)

    They had this vat of rats when we went there last spring. We knew we couldn’t get only one.

    That must be quite startling!

  2. Christine-
    You might need to find a heavy-duty version.

    Well, assuming the world is looking for Ikea rats, I guess they’ll find me.

    Rose Daughter-
    I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Got 3 more Ikea rats today as the others have gone missing- I think they have perfected solo launches and are off to conquer the universe.

  4. My girlfriend and I will run to Ikea to buy a rat launcher! You’re great man!
    Bye! (from france)

    Claire and Olivier

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