loose ends

Here I sit on my couch. Watching one of my favorite kick-ass women movies, laptop on my lap so I can jot down notes about a fight scene and look up the term “pigtails,” and eating a bowl of raw turnips.

Isn’t that what most people do on a Sunday night?

I’m hoping to have a post together for the blog event I mentioned yesterday. I’m also hoping to get some sleep. It’s been a rough week. Phoebe was sick most of the week, and not sleeping so well. She had to stay home from daycare on Tuesday, and some of Wednesday and Thursday. Also have a bit of a cold myself. Overall, I’m behind in both my work and my sleep. Which of course explains why I’m sitting here watching a movie and blogging at roughly eleven at night.

Tomorrow I go pick up my second load of veggies from the farm. As might be expected, I have not quite finished the first load. However, I have not done too terribly.

Here’s what I’ve made (prepared/cooked/eaten/served) of last monday’s crop:

  • a bunch of radishes and accompanying greens, sautéed with garlic and chives (first time eating cooked radishes. They were tasty.)
  • a head of bok choi, sautéed with sunflower seeds
  • a bunch of turnip greens, sautéed (the ones plucked off the turnips I’m now snacking on)
  • a bunch of dinosaur kale (again, sautéed)
  • a small bunch of something called Tat Soi, a dark green leafy vegetable that tasted a bit like arugula, and seems to be a relative of broccoli.
  • a salad of baby lettuce (which I did not sautée. Ha! See how creative I am?)
  • Here’s what I have left:

  • lots of flowering chives (which I’ll freeze for later)
  • a bunch of Red Russian Kale. Which is actually not red. But perhaps it is communist.
  • sitting here next to me in the bowl, two small turnips.
  • 2 and a half heads of lettuce. (I even gave one away)
  • Here are some recipes I’m considering for this week’s remaining lettuce:

  • curried lettuce stew
  • grilled marinated lettuce
  • lettuce kabobs
  • Cajun blackened lettuce
  • deep fried lettuce
  • lettuce popsicles
  • lettuce cake with whipped lettuce frosting
  • compost
  • 16 thoughts on “loose ends

    1. What about steamed lettuce parcels filled with sautéed lettuce, chopped and diced raw lettuce and marinated grilled lettuce?

      Honestly, that’s a hell of a lot of lettuce to find something to do with. Perhaps you should give more away.

    2. Flowering chives is big in Chinese cooking…or at least my Chinese cooking. That’s a whole lot of lettuce…but the lettuce popsicles sound intriguing.

    3. I could not eat that much lettuce in a week if you paid me. Not that anyone would.


      Hey! You piqued my curiosity and I just found a recipe for cream of lettuce soup. I’m not recommending it, now, but it’s a thought.

      Sorry to hear that Phoebe is sick. I hope you all recover soon.

    4. Jangari-
      I’ll take your recipe under consideration.

      Looking forward to comparing compost recipes.

      What kinds of things do you do with the flowering chives? They are new to me.

      Now, now. With that kind of attitude, you’ll never land a job as a professional lettuce-eater. And I’ll have to check out the soup recipe. It actually sounds like one I might have made up…

    5. Can I also share that today’s pick-up was also quite lettuce-heavy? 3 full-sized heads, 2 heads of “baby” lettuce, plus a half pound of mixed salad greens. I traded some of mine in for more kohlrabi and kale. At least I can cook and freeze those.

    6. Kohlrabi?!

      Yum! That’s one of my favouritest vegetables! It goes really well roasted with potatoes, pumpkin and butternut squash (which you may or may not call pumpkin as well).

    7. Jangari-
      Kohlrabi is entirely a new vegetable for me. Perhaps I will try roasting it, as you suggest. Though pumpkin is out of season here. And butternut squash, which for me is a very different creature than pumpkin. I was also going to sautee up the greens. Have you eaten the greens, or just the bulby bits?

    8. Just the bulby bits. I had no idea one could eat the greens! We grow them ourselves, but they’re all up now and the plants have been removed to make way for, dunno, potatoes or something.

      Which greens do you eat? I thought they would have been all, you know, storky and stuff.

    9. Jangari-
      Cool that you grow them yourselves. From what I understand, you can prepare the leaves much like collard greens. Separated from the stems, and cut into narrow strips. These may be fairly young greens, though. The bulbs are fairly small. I think. Though being new to the vegetable, I don’t have a standard. They are sort of ping-pong ball sized.

      What is this “storky” business, by the way?

    10. Aha! We are at cross purposes. The greens I’m talking about are kohlrabi greens! (I think my bit about pumpkins and butternut squash being out of season should have been in parentheses!)

      Yes, butternut squash for me is also big. Same vegetable. Biggish squash.

      So, ever eaten kohlrabi greens? And do you grow kohlrabi, too?

    11. Aha! That makes more sense!

      Yeah, we grow kohlrabi too, though for some reason they’re not quite as nice as the ones we buy, a bit more… fibrous. Still, don’t know about the greens.

      Here‘s proof that we grow them. Doesn’t it look delicious? We’ve even had some stolen from our front garden in the past – our garden is where normal people grow flowers and all those inedible things.

    12. Jangari-
      I liked the kohlrabi photo. It does look attractive. I can see why someone might be tempted to snag one.

      And here’s an update: we ate our kohlrabi last night. There were six smallish bulbs, which I grated and sauteed in butter with chives. (Loosely based on a found recipe.) I also cut up the greens and sauteed them with garlic in the style of Brazilian “couve.” The greens were a bit on the bitter side. The reviews were mixed.

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