2 Christmas trees

We often spend Christmas away from home, but we still like to put up a tree at our house. Here are the two trees that were part of our festivities this year.

Our now-annual tinselling of the children before the tinselling of the tree at home last weekend.(We got our tree remarkably early for us this year, but decorated it in stages.)

The little tree at Grammy & Grandpa’s on Christmas Day.

(I admit it, these photos really aren’t about the trees. The cuteness had to be shared. I am unrepentant.)

5 thoughts on “2 Christmas trees

  1. What a good tradition: the annual tinselling of the children. I do hope that it catches on because your photo of them tinselled is wonderful. Everyone should do it. [The other photo, while less shiny, is lovely as well.]

  2. Excellent. Tinsel is the best accessory!
    Also, I like the Before and After photos of Theo’s haircut! And the way his short hair makes him look a bit more grown-up, but the shirt is much too long in the sleeves.
    Phoebe’s Christmas dress still fits!
    Very, very cute photos–definitely not something to repent!

  3. They look lovely – tinsel on our tree tinsels everyone and everything spontaneously. The wages of heating with woodstoves and having a dry house. This year we have That Cat and have left off the tinsel. I find I like the look. So, perhaps in future I will simply tinsel the kid and leave the tree naked.
    Hope your holiday is all you wish!

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