vegetables are kicking my ass

I’m running a bit behind in the vegetable preparation and consumption. The fridge is loaded to the brim with lettuce, greens, beets, scallions and such. (There’s lots of lettuce again, but due to a ninja woodchuck who did in the lettuce seedlings a while back, there won’t be lettuce again for a bit. I swear I didn’t pay him to do it.) We got to pick our own peas (snow peas and snap peas) this week and last, which was fun.

Tonight I cooked up 3 heads of bok choi, and made a ginger cashew sauce to go with it. The sauce came out moderately well, in spite of my scorching many of the cashews in an attempt to multitask. (Did you know that cooking involves lots of swearing and shouting? It’s long been the case with me. I love cooking, but you wouldn’t know it to hear me at work. If I had a cooking show, it would either be rated R or would have lots of bleeping. Bok fucking choi. Bleep bleep cashews.)

One reason I’m behind in my veggies is that things have been hectic the past week or so. One major thing that’s been eating up extra time is planning this trip. We are definitely going. We bought air tickets. (The prices are outrageous, and shot up hundreds of dollars over the course of days. Effectively ending the debate over whether to get Phoebe her own seat on the plane. A lap baby she will be. Which, by the way, still costs over $300.) I’ve registered for the conference in Saarbrucken, Germany. My mother will be meeting us in Paris. Phoebe now has her passport. (Hurray!) Still to do is to square away lodgings for both Paris (we’re planning to rent an apartment) and Saarbrucken (we’ll do a hotel room). Also train reservations.

I continue to be wiped out, sleep-deprived, and behind in many things besides the vegetables. (Commenting, for example. I have not had much chance to comment on other people’s blogs. If you’ve noticed my absence, please know that I’m still reading, though!)

I find myself resenting the 4th of July, as it means that Phoebe will not be in daycare. (She goes there 3 days a week, and I commute 2 days a week. Wednesdays are my non-commute work-at-home day.) But with Phoebe at home, I won’t be able to get any work or much of anything else done until she’s in bed. If I am lucky, she will have a long nap, and I will have a couple of hours to either sleep or be productive. (Does sleep count as being productive?) I feel like perhaps we should do some sort of fun family thing for the 4th, and forget that I have lots of work to do. And just enjoy the extra day together. I’ll work on it, but I’m too tired to figure out something to do just now. Perhaps we will have a fun and festive Independence Day salad toss. Or maybe beet bowling. Anyone know of a craft project using kale and baby onions?

11 thoughts on “vegetables are kicking my ass

  1. I’m counting on sleep being productive. Well, not tonight, apparently. But in general.

    I need to learn that lesson.

    $300 for no seat?! Holy crap.

    And, finally, god bless ninja woodchucks.

  2. D. Peace-
    Yes, that’s true. Candy is much easier. Also ice cream. (Though it often does require the extra step of using a spoon.)

    I may well come to resent the woodchucks. I do enjoy lettuce in moderation. If they could have wiped out, say, 4 fifths of the lettuce seedlings, I could have the one head a week that I can manage. (And yeah, $300 just to have her squirming on our laps for 6 hours or so, and no extra room for luggage.)

    Have they ganged up on you?

  3. Your trip sounds delightful. We haven’t dared to take Joles on any domestic flights since she travels so poorly- brave you!

    That doesn’t sound quite fair though to charge you when you are not using an extra seat. For what? Oxygen consumption?

  4. Yeah, that spoon is really the dealbreaker for me. Ice cream isn’t worth the extra step.

    I mean, what a bunch of work.

  5. I don’t know why it makes me laugh that babies need passports in the first place…I’m sure there’s a good reason and I’m just being dense. I guess you could be trying to sneak some sort of terrorist baby back into the country, though it probably wouldn’t be worth the $300 to have it sit on your lap. At least for me.

  6. KC-
    Well, hopefully much of it will delightful. Doubtlessly, some of it will be hell. I think the flights will be L-O-N-G. As for the cost of having Phoebe sit on our laps (if indeed sit is what she will do), I believe it is a percentage of the adult fare plus “fees.” Perhaps one of the fees is for oxygen.

    D. Peace-
    Yes, ice cream should be reserved for those days when you feel like putting in that extra effort. Like maybe if you have people over, and want to impress them with your domestic skills. “Look, this is called a spoon!”

    We could also be trying to swap out our baby for another baby. Without the photo ID, one baby could well pass for another.

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