public display of procrastination

Sometimes I feel like that should be the title of my blog. Public Display of Procrastination. Actually, many blogs could fit that bill. Perhaps it could be a blog genre: the PDP.

How did it get to be past 11:00 again? This is the eternal question. At least the nightly question. I’ve been trying to make sleep a priority lately, as sleep can lead to general well-being. And lack of sufficient sleep (which is what I’ve largely been dealing with, or not dealing with, depending on your parse) can lead to the following: memory loss, crankiness, sloth, chocolate cravings, crankiness, low tolerance for the shortcomings of others (“crankiness”), low tolerance for the shortcomings of self (“crankiness”), chocolate consumption, ice cream cravings, chocolate ice cream consumption (which is odd, because I never even used to like chocolate ice cream), reduced productivity, decreased patience (“crankiness”), confusion, speech errors (“each sparers”), muddle-headedness, shorter tempers (“crankiness”), increased stress, distraction, nap envy and memory loss. Also, there is some chance of crankiness.

I was all gung-ho to get some work done tonight, after Phoebe got to bed. And while I’ve been busy since then, actual work has not happened. Here is what has happened. (And I have less than 8 minutes to write it before midnight, at which point my laptop will turn into a pumpkin. And lord knows I’ve got enough vegetables to deal with.)

  • I read a few blogs
  • I read some news
  • I pimped out a minivan with flames
  • I ate some ice cream
  • I wrote and sent a vegetable-related email
  • I wrote a list of bird songs
  • I ate some more ice cream
  • I put in some laundry
  • I wrote this

Time’s up.

4 thoughts on “public display of procrastination

  1. sounds good to me. not everyone can wax away an evening quite like that. i mean, you even fit in the ice cream.

    and KC’s ride is money now.

  2. argh.. we’ve talked about this, but yes, huge problem. I was hit by a bad case of PDP last night (the first P standing more often in my case for “Private”, although I did have a spurt of blogging last night). I think I may have a closely related syndrome- MDE, for “Mysteriously Disappearing Evening”, the primary symptom being a complete inability to account for how one’s time is spent from between roughly 8:00pm and 1:00am, aside from the vague recollection that it involved staring at a computer screen.

    I’ve found that MDE shares many symptoms with PDP, although I’m also starting to experience a pain in my neck and shoulders from spending so many hours in the same chair staring at the same screen. Oh, and I’m also feeling cranky. Not sure if you mentioned that one.

    I wish I had a solution. I’ve thought about forcing myself to write down every website I visit before I actually visit, the idea being that I either will embarrass myself into getting some self discipline, or it will make me pause and ask if I really need to visit again when I was just there an hour ago.

    Maybe we need a support group?

    (btw, I totally made up “”, but of course then checked if it was a real site. It appears to be a placeholder with links, at least at the moment, to either game sites or info on how to get rid of vaginal odor. I have no explanation for this. None. And now I’m hoping that the fact that I just typed the thing I just typed doesn’t bring some unexpected search engine traffic to your blog.)

  3. jen-
    Yes, if we had a time-wasting competition, would I get points for originality? ‘Cause I could really get into a time-wasting competition.

    Yes, MDE does seem to be a related syndrome. I have suffered from MDE as well. And sometimes even MDD (mysteriously disappearing day). These syndromes can be quite debilitating to one’s productivity. We should demand that research be done. Or perhaps do some. A support group would be a good start. (I’ll let you know if I start seeing any search engine hits about “odor.”)

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