bats in the belfry

We borrowed Phoebe’s air conditioner today, to bring downstairs for a bit, and when John removed it from the window, he was surprised to see that a bat was curled up on the windowsill. It had apparently set up house in the cave formed under the air conditioner. (It can’t have lived there long, though, since the air conditioner was out of the window when the house got painted about 6 weeks ago.) Anyhow, the bat huddled there shivering for several minutes before it got up and flew away. It was terribly cute. But, seeing as they can carry rabies, not terribly cuddly-looking.

So, inspired by the little bat we had as a pet without knowing it, I bring you a list of bats for this week’s Themed Things Thursday. This list will be short, and light on the links. Because I only have a couple of minutes before people come over for dinner.

  1. Batman. The superhero. Comics, TV show, movies. Dresses up in a bat-like costume. Has a bat cave. And a bat signal.
  2. Batboy. Half boy, half bat. A regular of Weekly World News.
  3. Vampires. In some tales about them, they can turn into bats.
  4. Bat out of hell. An expression meaning very fast, usually when someone is leaving somewhere. As in “I ran out of there like a bat out of hell.” Also an album by Meat Loaf.
  5. batty. An expression meaning crazy. (A bit milder than the related term batshit. As in “they are batshit insane.”) As in going batty. As in “I am going batty.” As in “I am going batty, because we leave for the trip in less than 48 hours. And have lots to do. Planning. Packing. Printing. People coming over for dinner. I’m sleep deprived, and have had to give up on the damn abstract that is the source of my sleep deprivation.”

That’s all I got. I bet there are more bats. Anyone else have any?

6 thoughts on “bats in the belfry

  1. when we were in El Sal earlier this year we stayed in a room that had five or so bats inside it. they didn’t make an appearance till bedtime and then flew back and forth over our heads all night long. now that, my friend, was batshit.

  2. jen-
    Yowza, that does sound pretty wildly batshit. I bet the hotel didn’t advertise the bats: double room with color TV and live bats.

    Ah, good. I was hoping to get some more to the list. And Tom Waits is so cool. (As far as linking in a comment, you need to type in the html tags. like the open angle brackets, a href=”url”, close angle brackets, then the text you want the link attached to, then the /a in angle brackets. I edited your comment so the link is clickable.)

  3. A couple of years ago a small bat colony moved into a brick above my balcony doors (they were really tiny bats) and all that summer the baby bats would end up missing the opening and fly into my livingroom instead. I thought they were adorable but worried about my cats getting rabies, so got them all vaccinated – and then was told this particular bat species doesn’t carry rabies. Oh well, better safe than sorry.

    Anyhow, I think they are adorable – those cute little ears! I got a couple of ‘close-up’ opportunities. Once when my cat Azar caught one (and I had to rescue it) and another time when one flew into the livingroom and THWACK right into a wall. Which reminds me of another expression for your list – blind as a bat.

    ericalee – you might find this useful…
    posting links

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